Pulse Wire helps First Step Initiative leverage funds!

Chingwell Mutombu
Posted June 15, 2008 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

I am very grateful to be back on PulseWire to share some good news with you. As many of you might know,in January of this year, I won the PulseWire Bold Ideas Contest and I received three free coaching sessions from an expert in the field. Little did I know that these coaching sessions will be the beginning of something big. when I received the first phone call from Carol, my coach and now mentor, I felt as if we have known each other for a long time. After I shared my dreams and aspiration with Carol, she wanted me to come to Michigan and meet with Rebellious Dreamers, an organization that she and other women started to help women achieve their dreams. When I got to Ann Arbor, MI, I found out that, Rebellious Dreamers has been looking for an outlet to do microfinance and here I was presenting the opportunity to them. To make the long story short, First Step Initiative received $10,000 from Rebellious Dreamers to support women entrepreneurs in the DR Congo. I feel like we are making strides toward our goal of reaching 11,000 women in the next five years. So, I am very grateful to PulseWire for opening up this opportunity for First Step Initiative. Your support makes it possible for countless of women in the DR Congo transform their lives. Again, thank you for being part of our journey as we continue to spread microfinance in the DRC. I look forward to your continued support. I would like to leave you with this quote from my friend Sheryl VanderPol, a Minnesota artist who created a beautiful artwork for First Step Initiative, which we use as our logo. The quote goes like this, "When we help each other climb, we are all lifted and the Universe smiles!".

Best regards,


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Ankur Naik
Jun 16, 2008
Jun 16, 2008

Hi Chingwell!

This was so wonderful and inspirational to read! Thank you for the work that you and First Step Initiative are doing. It's great to know that PulseWire helped you and Carol make such a meaningful and inspirational connection. I look forward to reading about the many success stories that are born as a result of the collaboration among First Step Initiative, Rebellious Dreamers, and of course the women entrepreneurs who will be able to use this microfinance opportunity to achieve their dreams!

Best wishes,

Ankur Naik World Pulse Technology Director

(Although I am part of the World Pulse team, the opinions I express on PulseWire are my own.)

Jennifer Ruwart
Jun 16, 2008
Jun 16, 2008


My heart soars with this news. Congratulations and thank you for sharing! I second Ankur's comments above. I look forward to watching First Step Initiative reach and exceed it goals with the support of women like Rebellious Dreamers! (was there ever a better name for a group of changemakers?)

All my best, Jennifer Ruwart, Chief Operating Officer, World Pulse (Although I am part of the World Pulse team, the opinions I express on PulseWire are my own.)

Alyssa Larkin
Jun 17, 2008
Jun 17, 2008


This is so exciting! I can't wait to hear the details of your entrepreneurial escapades. I am the kind of person who is only interested in the business section when they do profiles of powerful women in business...I love to hear women's financial success stories, because I know that this is so key to their ability to voice their opinions and human rights.

I would also love to hear about the tips you received in your coaching session and how they helped you to create financial solutions for women in the DR Congo.

Alyssa Larkin Editorial Intern World Pulse

Randy Roberson
Jun 17, 2008
Jun 17, 2008

How fantastic! Thanks for sharing how these great seeds have been planted. It will be great to see how it all grows. Keep up the GOOD work.

All the best,

Randy Roberson H.E.L.P. Specializing in Mobile Medical Clinics/Telemedicine/Water Purification P (928) 595-1127 F (928) 492-1027