proof of humanity - 2013 VOF Poetry

Chinyere Okoh
Posted April 15, 2013 from Nigeria

Something burst within her She is uncertain but with deep conviction Something of great essence is missing Flown away like a bird She is not sure if she will ever get it back

As tears fill her eyes She moves ahead With all her might and will fused to the course She must meet her sisters They always welcome her with open hands Even when the world seems dark There's always hope

As they come to her aid with words of encouragement She is almost gone But something pulls her back As she looks into their faces She sees herself in theirs and a lot worse So much worse that she knows her's is just a shadow Compared to what they have really gone through

If they can pull through such She can

Her sisters not only restored her back But they are a proof of humanity boosting within her breasts

That's her contentment

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