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About Me

I'm a happy, go getter type of person, the last child in a family of three. I have a strong will (or so I've been told severally) and I am passionate about causes I believe in.

I'm scared of the dark (have always been), and can't stomach sudden sounds (I have a mortal fear of thunder and balloons).

I'm a social media consultant, specializing in content creation, a writer, budding poet, and a lover of the arts, especially spoken word! I'm also a blogger, pen named the Fairy GodSister (

I've been in the media for as long as I can remember, and have worked in various capacities ranging from presentation, scriptwriting, news casting, to production of radio drama for various media in Nigeria.

Most importantly, I love to have fun! And to have a good laugh! Activism, writing, public speaking Concentrating on one idea at a time Writing, cooking, dancing

My Vision

A family of my own, and to run the best and most efficient media consultancy in a Nigeria that works!