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chris sibugon
Posted May 18, 2016 from Philippines

I initiated the AWE: Digi Up! Trainingto empower students currently volunteering for the project Advocates for Women Empowerment. We discussed how to utilize digital technology to raise awareness on pressing issues relevant to women, onWorld Pulse and the opportunities its platform can provide for our advocacies, and how identified some steps to increase the reach of the social media presence of the network. TheAdvocates for Women’s Empowerment is an advocacy project of which I volunteer. The advocacy project aims to build a network of young women and men who would like to share their capacities and skills in advocating for women’s issues and solutions. AWE primarily uses social media (Facebook) to reach out to interested individuals

The training reinforced my belief that young people being digital natives are important audience of our advocacies, as well as being potential multipliers of our messages. However, the volume of social media content out there is also a challenge for us to be more creative so that we can cut through the 'noise' and effectively engage our audience.

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May 22, 2016
May 22, 2016

Hello Chris,

It's so important for youth and young individuals to stay on and spread their message and voice using social media. It is a powerful tool that has the potential to reform individuals, communities, countries, and the world. Congratulations on initiating the AWE: Digi Up! training! I hope to hear more in the near future.

With kindest regards,

Helen Ng

Stephanie A
May 23, 2016
May 23, 2016


It sounds like you led a very meaningful training! The Advocates for Women's Empowerment sounds aligned with World Pulse's interests as well (digital media & women's empowerment!), so I hope you were able to brainstorm some ways that the World Pulse platform can support your goals. 

I also appreciate your reflection about how to cut through all the "noise" of social media to engage your audience. I agree that is a big challenge, but I think you're approaching it in the right way by seeing it as a challenge to be more creative. Once you are able to create this catchy message though, there is so much potential for reaching huge audiences all over the world. 

I hope you will share what you create through the Advancement for Women's Empowerment group with us here as well!