Christine Achieno
Posted March 22, 2021 from Uganda

Good morning Pulse family, My name is Christine Achieno, a Ugandan- working with National Association for Women's Action in Development (NAWAD).

National Association for Women’s Action in Development (NAWAD) is a voluntary non-governmental women’s organization that was initiated by a group of women in 2009 and was legally registered in 2010 with the Ugandan NGO board (INDR83662539NB6). NAWAD is committed to promote a stable and peaceful society where women and girls access equal rights in the different spheres of life. The organization focuses on the family and the crucial role women play in their families, their communities and the development of Uganda as a nation. The main goal of the organization is to promote the rights of women and girls especially in relation to sustainable natural resource management and climate change of the environment and natural resources, social and economic right and governance, peace and security. 

While there are a number of efforts addressing the challenges that confront women and girls; NAWAD has developed a unique perspective through its focus on the family as a key institution for building sustainable communities with emphasis on inclusion of men as strategic allies for attainment of gender equality. NAWAD believes that stable and peaceful families create stable and peaceful communities.  NAWAD feels strongly that to promote equal participation in decision-making for women, women and men must both be involved in the process of securing equal opportunities.  The organization however, believes that “Putting Women at the Forefront” and encouraging men to work with them is the only way to develop stable families and communities and ensure that all Ugandans realize their full potential. NAWAD is committed to contributing to uplifting the status of women and girls in Uganda, with a focus on grassroots communities across the country.

1.2 NAWAD’s Vision

To have a society where women and girls enjoy social, economic and environmental justice.

1.3 NAWAD’s Mission

To empower women and girls to achieve social justice, economic stability and sustainable management of the environment through capacity building, research, advocacy, and service provision.

1.4 Objectives

  1. To promote sustainable natural resource management and climate change alternatives to benefit Women and Girls.
  2. To Promote the Social and Economic rights of Women and Young Girls in Uganda
  3. To promote Gender and Equity Responsive Policy-making, Planning and Budgeting Processes in Uganda
  4. To strengthen NAWAD’s Institutional and Organizational Development

 The purpose for writing here this morning is to look for partnership with any organization that has interest in advancing women's rights in Uganda. please do not hesitate to contact me via [PERSONAL DETAILS REMOVED BY CONTENT MODERATOR], [PERSONAL DETAILS REMOVED BY CONTENT MODERATOR] for more information. Thanks and kind regards.

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Mar 24
Mar 24

Helo Christine,

Thank you for sharing this invitation. I hope through this writing you will be able to find a partnership with your organization. Good luck dear.

Christine Achieno
Mar 24
Mar 24

Thank you

Beth Lacey
Mar 24
Mar 24

I agree with Maeann. I hope this post finds you the help you need

Nini Mappo
Mar 28
Mar 28

Hello Christine,
Good on you for reaching out. Like the saying goes, doors doors don't open unless we knock. So keep knocking, and I hope that you find others to partner with your work.