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About Me

I am a passionate about matter mental health. Living in Africa where mental health is considered a taboo subject, talking the bold step to discuss it needs a lot of strength and support from the community in which i serve.
My project is about mental health wellness in young children 3 years to 5 years who have the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Children with ASD often see things from a different perspective, have low comprehension and are often withdrawn and not social. It is for this reason that my project ‘Grooving with Autism’ serves the purpose of connecting with these young ones in their tiny little world. This can be achieved by making life interesting to them by using music, art and sports to teach them daily living skills, communication skills as well as social skills. On the other hand, it also involves bring their parents as their main caregivers at the center of this initiative by engaging them in the day to day lessons of developing a better them.

My Vision

my vision is to achieve a world that is stigma free. I envision a world where mental health issues will be discussed and supported fully.


Funds to help me set up a mental health support center
Learning materials to assist me manage my social enterprise
Seminars and worksshops


I am a community development worker and social worker. i assist in mobilizing resources as well as grant writing. Sharing opportunities too.


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