World Bipolar Day ~ My #BipolarStrongStory

Christine Ombima
Posted March 29, 2021 from Kenya
Bipolar Strong World Bipolar Day
M #BipolarStrongStory
M #BipolarStrongStory : World Bipolar Day (1/2)

It has been over five years

Since I accepted a date with you

We have had our days, the good days when all is well and

The bad days when everything just seems to bleak

And there are those days that we are flying high like a kite

Well, I cannot complain much about my relationship with you

You have made me realize that I am bold, I am strong, I am creative

Indeed I would not be doing what I do each day were it not for you

You have turned me into a warrior, a wounded healer

Who is a source of hope for many


You’ve got me hooked on medications

For my anxiety, depression and sleep

Well, this hookup has transformed me for the better

Not talking of increases in weight

However, despite this increase I am comfortable in my skin

Each day I take my meds religiously and am doing well

It has been almost four years since I relapsed

Moreover, I have been able to know my triggers and I seek help before I relapse.


For my family, I thank you for the support that you have always given me

My colleagues and friends thank you for always lighting my candle

It is a wake up call for the government to invest more in mental health

How I wish that every hospital would have a mental health unit.

Stigma is real, I have been called names because of coming out public on my condition

However, I will not be cowed

Instead this adds more fuel to my engine.

Indeed a bipolar diagnosis is not a death sentence

Accept, take your medication religiously, attend therapy and you will live productively.

 Yours sincerely,

Christine Miloyo (Bipolar mum)







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Mar 30
Mar 30

Hello Christine, and thank you for sharing your story! I can feel your bravery and passion for mental health awareness. You've found an inner balance that is hard to find, so I salute you! I hope you continue to share your strengths with others and inspire them to do the same.