Love Over Comes Biase

Chinyere Kalu
Posted August 29, 2020 from Nigeria

My country Nigeria is made up of roughly four hundred and fifty ethnic groups.Our major religion is ; Christianity, Islam and traditional worship.Thus, we are divided along theses lines; ethnicity/ religion. 

I have never been able to perceive people from these lenses .I see people as people created by God.

So was it that I was coming back from a lecture and boarded a cab. After settling in, I noticed a man standing by the cab begging the driver.I didn't know for what though. So i asked why the man was begging instead of entering and sitting in the cab then I was told he didn't have his cab fare.i felt terrible instantly and asked him to come in and that I will pay his fare.I am a Christian and a Southern Nigerian while him from his appearance was a Muslim from the Northern part of Nigeria.

I never thought it twice to help.I just helped because I saw him as a human being created by God.

For me, I do not see ethnicity, religion, race or culture.My criteria for rendering help to anyone is: Are you human?

If yes, then I don't care about your premodial sentiments. As you automatically qualify for my help and good deeds.

This story was submitted in response to Stronger Together.

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Tamarack Verrall
Aug 29
Aug 29

Hi Chinyere,
Thank you for writing on this important subject. What I love about your story is that when you recognized bias, you felt it in your heart, and immediately acted to make sure that this man had the same as you, the chance for a ride he needed. I love, too, your final words, that everyone qualifies for help from you when needed.

Aug 29
Aug 29

Hi Chinyere

What truth your story holds! I always find it so heart breaking when I witness how often and easily we as humans, miss the fact our brothers and sisters, are our brothers and sisters in humanity above all else, in fact, everything else does not matter at all really.

You are amazing, thank you for having an open heart, an open mind and an open hand. The world needs more of you.

Be blessed sister.

Chinyere Kalu
Aug 30
Aug 30

Thanks Sis! Sending you a cyber hug. (Lol).
Love Conquers It All.

Nini Mappo
Aug 30
Aug 30

Beautifully said Chinyere.
Love trumps hate
Love trumps bias
Lover never fails (any one it might help)

I love that God loved us not because we were like him (in holiness), but in spite of being so desperately unlike him. May we have the courage to reflect this love to everyone whose paths we cross, acknowledging the dignity and value of every image bearer of our Creator.

More love to you to keep on loving!

Hello, Chinyere,

I love your story, dear. It makes me wonder where this division on religion did and ethnicity began? I grew up in a Christian background, too, that I was told not to mingle with non-Christian people. When did Christ say that? He even say, " Love your neighbors", and in neighbors we shared about a Samaritan helping an almost dying Jew. That kind of love is the gospel that I want to practice. The love that has lenses like yours, " as long as you are human, I will help. " Isn't that the greatest kind of love?

Thank you for loving, dear. We see that kind of love here on World Pulse, too, where we show support and encouragement to each one regardless of ethnicity, culture, and religion. It's possible!

Sep 20
Sep 20

Thank you for sharing.