Scarcity of Peace

Chinyere Kalu
Posted November 18, 2020 from Nigeria
Scarcity of Peace
Women Peace Advocates Wanted!

Peace is scarce! Yes, you read me right 

A very essential commodity in our today's world. What really is peace? It is simply the absence of war. Many countries may say they are not at war but the number of deaths recorded in their day to day activities leave more dead people in their current state than when they are at war.

What with the unrest from Nigeria to Cameroon , Thailand to Turkey .America is not immuned in all these.

Where has peace gone to? Why has it fled many parts of the world?

Greed, insatiable quest for political Powers,lack of love for another and a near total absence of empathy amongst are just a few reasons why peace has fled most part of the world.

Who suffers most when peace is absent?

Women! She is the most hard hit. If she is not mourning a lost husband she is grieving a dead son. If none of these happened, she is assaulted in the absence of a male figure in her life. She is often left bare with little or no protection 

So I will be hosting a project termed: Women Writing for Peace.

We want to produce more Women Peace Advocates so we can preach love, tolerance, patience and forgiveness amongst many others.

This story was submitted in response to World Pulse Digital Ambassadors.

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Nini Mappo
Nov 19, 2020
Nov 19, 2020

Hello Chinyere,
It is a chaotic time in the world indeed, and the much anticipated 2020 has been nothing of what was expected.
Congratulations on getting this initiative started to build peace. We need peace indeed. And beyond those who will read written work, even writing itself is a catalyst to peace for the author.
Good on you and God-speed!

Tamarack Verrall
Nov 21, 2020
Nov 21, 2020

Dear Chinyere,
What a tremendous project! I hope it went well. I love this idea of creating possibilities for women to build our peacemaking through writing and putting our works together. We need to create world peace. End these wars, and end the violence against women. Congratulations on your mentoring on this. May your workshops continue to grow.

Julie Desai
Nov 23, 2020
Nov 23, 2020

Light the way and many will follow.

Shirin Dalaki
Nov 23, 2020
Nov 23, 2020

Peace exist inside each one of us and we can choose to bring this peace to surface. I do not believe peace is scarce because peace is peace. What happens is that some people choose war instead of peace for their own personal reason but peace is the foundation of our humanity even though we may not be experiencing it.

Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Nov 26, 2020
Nov 26, 2020

What a powerful voice and an equally powerful and moving message to the call for peace, dear sis Chinyere! The pen is mightier than the sword as they say. Thank you for hosting this peace project. Please update us!

Dec 09, 2020
Dec 09, 2020

Women Peace Advocates - what a great idea!
let women speak and make the men lose their greed. Its sad that men make policies and create wars and conflicts And the women take the brunt. Moe and more women should move towards politics and get this world free from male hegemony.