My Spirit Award Nomination

Chinyere Kalu
Posted January 3, 2021 from Nigeria
Basudha Modak for Spirit Award
Basudha Modak for the Spirit Award

Building an app for peri menopause  a phase in every woman's life has been a burden to me. 

This phase which many never knew about yet suffer the symptoms  in confusion has got me up non my feet teaching for years . Feeling terrible that my impact is small isought for another avenue to reach more people then i thought of building an app!  How do i start? Who do i know?I tired of seeking i put my dream in a box.

Boom! I met her on the Ambassador group. Having read her bio. I chatted her up.

Oh my world! She was so warm, loving and ready to help build me an app.

When i didnt seem to be getting things right she patientlyguided me.

Ever willing to help. Today we are on thr journey to building my app.

I nominate you. Badsudha Modak to me you deserve to win the Spirit Award. 

Remain blessed!

This story was submitted in response to World Pulse Spirit Awards.

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Jill Langhus
Jan 04
Jan 04

Hello Dear Chinyere,

How are you doing? Thanks so much for sharing your amazing connection with Basudha and for your nomination.

Hope you're doing well, and that you have a great week!

Hello, Chinyere,

Thank you for nominating Basudha. That is true about her. Kindly include the link to the profile on this nomination. Happy New Year!

Basudha Modak
Jan 17
Jan 17

Thank you Chinyara .I have not been having access to the net much ..
It is an incredible honor to be of use ,specially for my World Pulse Sisters ,about whom I can go on for hours ...
Thank you for believing in me ..Your dream is my dream now too ,and together we will make it come true ..

Tamarack Verrall
Feb 05
Feb 05

Dear Chinyere,
Yes! The amazing Basudha. Having had the chance recently to witness her in action, I am speechless at her dedication and brilliance.
Much love,

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