Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

Chinyere Kalu
Posted January 15, 2021 from Nigeria
Armed Forces Remembrance Day
Armed Forces Remembrance Day: The Birds Refused to Fly (1/1)

Today is the 15th of January 2021. A day set aside by my country to remember our fallen heros ( soldiers who died serving the nation)

But something happened during the ceremony today,when our president tried to free the pidgeons ,the Birds of Honour refused to fly .

So I wrote this poem in honour of the dead soldiers and to call for institutional changes . A bit long but I just needed to pour out my heart.

The Birds Refused to Fly

They died serving by fighting Fighting for us to live while Giving us life,lost theirs instead In the prime of life for a nation A nation without a soul

One died leaving a father the Other a mother and wife

Yet another siblings and lover.

Was It worth it at all?

Do we truly deserve such huge Sacrifices?

None to look after their backs.

No one goes to check how well they laid and slept .

It looks just like wasted Sacrifices.

For nothing seem to have Changed since they left us

Then came again the fifteenth Of January.

They roll out the big drums.

All adorned in spotless 'Agbadas' to dance on their Graves yet again.

They laid the wreaths

And set to free the birds but the Birds of Honour will not fly.

Why should they?

The land bleeds,sick, wreaks of Evils untold.

The ground is soaked in Blood,the blood of the innocent.

Looting, kidnapping the order of The day.

The white birds cannot fly in a State of oppression.

They will never fly where blood Stains are addendum to our National flag.

Neither can they fly where Hopes are daily dashed and Many flee to a safer abode.

 Still they cannot fly where Hands are soiled 

Why will they fly where ears are Blocked to the wailings from the Poor.

No,they can never flip- flap their Wings to do him the honour.

Yes, they can not even if they had wanted to

Bring me the cotton -buds!

Get me the ear drops

Prepare the theatre

Call the surgeon

Let the surgery begin.

When it is finally over

With hearing restored

A fleshy heart in place 

The cries of many he will hear

And he will hasten to amend.

Wiping the orphan's tears

Soothing the widow's heart

Planting beautiful smile on 

Parents' faces.

Then maybe just then

The  Honour Birds will fly .

















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Tamarack Verrall
Jan 15
Jan 15

My dear Sister Chinyere,
Thank you so much for this poem. What I read through it all is the call of a woman for us all to imagine a world in which there is no more needing to mourn losses of lives in wars, in a world we build together in which there is no more war. I believe in building this world together, and that it is in the rising of women's voices that we step closer to this dream.

Sushmita Das
Jan 16
Jan 16

What a beautiful poem dear.❤

Chinyere Kalu
Jan 16
Jan 16

Thanks Sis!

Jan 16
Jan 16

This is a beautiful poem. I sense pain, heartache and liberation. Women have power. Together we shall rise. Stay strong.

Nini Mappo
Jan 17
Jan 17

Wow, the birds refused to fly!
Sometimes nature does speak to you. You paint such a dismal picture of the state of the nation and the neglectful leadership. May hope sprout one day my sister. For Nigeria and the whole of Africa.
Jan 17
Jan 17

Hi Chinyere,
Your poem is so beautiful and so haunting. You served up a proper dose of reality. How the fallen heros can never truly be properly served/honored in the realm of war, sacrifice and memorial. The reason for spilled blood can never be quantified or qualified. The birds not flying is poignant. And I even "Googled" reasons why pigeons wouldn't fly. But nothing added up other than divine intervention with a point to be made, and hopefully someone would get. got it! Hence the heartfelt poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Chinyere Kalu
Jan 18
Jan 18

Amen Sis! Thanks a million

Dear sister Chy,

What a heartfelt poem that honors the heroes of your country. What a loving response from the observation of pigeons refusing to fly. How powerful nature speaks, the pigeons were witnesses to the pain and sorrow your country is going through. I'm simply amazed at how they were one with you.

Your poem made me teary-eyed. Thank you for sharing with you, brave woman of Nigeria! Your country has hope because of women like you.

Charity Birla
Jan 21
Jan 21

Dear sis Chinyere
Thanks for the beautiful poetic words ..the soldier loss their lives to build....there's no glory in war but songs of victory comes when there's freedom. Together we build for a great nation and world.
Waiting to read more of your wisdom.

Chinyere Kalu
Jan 21
Jan 21

My pleasure Sis! I am deeply humbled.

Jan 22
Jan 22

Bon poème et merci pour le partage

Jan 22
Jan 22

This is such a beautiful poem. You are such a talented writer, Chinyere! I am sure half of the country was not surprised by the occurrence, a lot has been going on in our country and its getting worse by the day. I doubt the birds would fly in a long time until we decide to stick under one umbrella to fix our country so we can all move forward.

Chinyere Kalu
Jan 23
Jan 23

Thanks Sis Barry! I pray all should get well with our country Nigeria so the Honour Birds can fly again.

Sister Zeph
Jan 27
Jan 27

Sometimes I think of the families of the soldiers how they have to give their lives and how brave their families are. This is so painful to think about this. I just hope and pray that our politicians keeps and focus agendas of love so no one has to die so no one has to live in fears so no one has to sacrifice