Women's Safe Heaven.

Chinyere Kalu
Posted March 27, 2021 from Nigeria

It is said that :"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing".

So it is on this premise, that I will shout my vision. But before then a little about my journey interacting with Peri menopausal women . I had clocked 38 some ten years back with no premonition of what life had in stock for me.A few months after it started. My regular periods became irregular to the point that on three occasions I had to get tested to be sure I hadn't fallen pregnant.In the midst of this,I was sweating profusely and sometimes my heart beat will begin racing without provocation.Gradually,I began loosing interest in sex ,And I became totally confused with my ears ringing some times non stop.

The hospitals didn't help as I was told I had hormonal imbalance. Light came after I dug into books upon books seeking what was going on with my body.

Then I stumbled on the word- Peri- Menopause! What a relieve! I was still normal after all.

Many women will be just as confused as I was when I got into this phase in my life. So, I want to establish a Safe Heaven for women where they can walk in from age 30 and learn what to expect from their bodies from their late 30s or early or mid 40s . As I gathered from my interactions with women when I go to give talks that many are being mis diagnosed and treated for what they are not sick of.

So are left with side effects from the drugs which are even worse than what they set out to treat.

Aside this,the facility will cater to women who become courageous enough to walk out of an abusive marriage or relationship as there will be a temporary accomodations while they try and put themselves together.

It will have provision for skill acquisition for the unskilled to empower then while in the facility to enable them stand on their feet when they go back to the society.

For the unemployed educated ones,we will network with other organizations to help them get jobs or learn skills too.

The Safe Heaven for Women will be located away from the noisy boisterous city life to make it serene to give room for introspection by the women.It will be home away from home with friendly and happy staff.This in turn will encourage the bruised and hurting whose been stripped off of their Self- esteem to dare to dream again.

We can get there by putting resources together to start on a small scale and then with time move to our desired dream of large expanse of land. 

Individuals with expertise in counselling,psychology and wealth building will be welcomed to join.

I commit to teaching the signs and symptoms of peri menopause to women and giving the abused women a listening ear as well as try to restore their stripped self-confidence.

I call on anyone or team or organization with passion to helping women whose heads are bowed In shame to lend a hand 

I have a handbook I wrote on the signs and symptoms of peri menopause published on Amazon. It's titled; No One Told Me by Chinyere Kalu Onuoha. It gives a glimpse of what most women should expect before menopause.

I was also on Kiss FM  teaching these signs and symptoms and was getting calls from listeners thanking me for putting together such an enlightening programme and asking questions too.

I couldn't continue when my paid air time expired as I ran out of funds It was self- sponsored. It was titled : No One Told Me by Deempress.

I call on well meaning organizations, individuals and government to support this vision by of; sponsoring the radio program to reach more women or the building of Safe Heaven or making the handbook available in other languages so as to reach and educate more women.

This story was submitted in response to #ShoutYourVision.

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Tamarack Verrall
Mar 27
Mar 27

Chinyere! Dear Sister,
This makes me want to jump for joy! To open the discussion on menopause and peri menopause. And by letting us know exactly what you went through, with the tiny bits of information you could glean, whispered as there is an expectation that we don't talk about it openly, this profound change that we go through. It is such a journey. And a step into a new chapter. Our bodies guiding what we need. And what this powerful change can bring. Especially to cut through the myths that bring medical answers that are most often not needed, and as you point out can leave permanent side effects, even kill. Many of us began to call the new waves of hot flashes "powerful surges". Every description of the plan you are creating is exactly what women deserve to have available. Every line, you have another huge and wonderful idea, all leading to healthy and healed, respected and able to flourish, women who deserve this as a basic human right. You have opened the door for such important conversation and care, and here we can collectively hold a lamp to the stories that will come, of this hidden conversation. Stepping into crone power. Your plans are absolutely brilliant.
Much love,

Chinyere Kalu
Mar 28
Mar 28

Thanks Mama Tam for your ever- supporting words. I pray my dreams come through for more positive impact.

Nini Mappo
Mar 27
Mar 27

This is a wonderful vision, Chinyere. I love your passion and care for women to even sponsor an air talk to disseminate this crucial information about hormonal changes that can be quite scary for women, especially those with little education and who have no access to information. I see this branching out of Nigeria across Africa! Praying for lots of support for women to get this off the ground. Good on you and God-speed.

Chinyere Kalu
Mar 28
Mar 28

Thanks Sis for your kind words and good wishes. I am really encouraged and fired up. Cheers

Rahel Randy
Mar 28
Mar 28

This is Amazing Chinyere darling. Keep up!