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About Me

I am a professional storyteller and social entrepreneur. My work as a storyteller provides my income. I also use my skills and abilities with story to develop and encourage local community, as well as working with marginalised communities such as the elderly, youth at risk, refugees and asylum seekers and so on. I was awarded a grant through Social Entrepreneurs Ireland in 2007 to support my work with Community Storytelling.

In 2006 I founded Story Night, a monthly community storytelling gathering that has gathered momentum in the past year, with a monthly attendance of about 70 people. This Story night is on a donation basis, encourages local and international voices, and creates a safe, comfortable and alcohol free space for people to gather and hear tales from all over the world.

I have told stories all over the world from Singapore to London, from Vienna to Denver. I tell myths, legends, folktales, fables, participation stories (for the young or the young at heart). I have a special passion for strong women centric stories and death appreciation tales. I aim to create a state of wonder in my audience that nurtures a healthy state of mind. Stories keep you young.

I have a deep passion for the journey of women worldwide. My hope is to travel around the world, learning, collecting and enabling marginalised communities through my storytelling. Storytelling, Improving the World, Improving Women's quality of life, Dancing, Singing, Community To maintain upbeat positive energy in the face of great adversity Storytelling, performing, workshop facilitation, folklore and mythology-limited expertise, I have a lot more reading to do!

My Vision

A world that values all human life, especially that of women and of children.