Help Isha Get Legal Justice

Ibrahim S Bangura
Posted October 9, 2021 from Sierra Leone
Sheku and Isha

Hello to my World Pulse family,  I cannot wait the weekend to pass by without sharing this story of a 14-year young girl who has been accused of killing a 45 years old man. 

According to the information I had, the girl was selling goods at a junction together with the 45-years-old man. The man was selling CD movies and she bought a few CDs from the man. The 45 years old man asked the 14 years old girl to go to his house so that she could watch the CD movies she bought from him.

The Man persuaded the girl and she went together with him to his house. Upon arrival, the man asked the girl if she wants to wash her body the young girl said yes.

After the girl finishes washing,  the man requested to have sexual affairs with the girl. The 14 years old girl asked the man why is that? What are you saying, she asked?

The girl didn't expect a 45 years old man to ask for such a thing from a child so the girl was about to walk out of the room but the room door was closed from the inside and the man had the keys

The young girl shouted  I'm in my menstruation period but the man was still demanding sex from the girl. He had to fight with the young girl and the fight continue for about an hour, there was no one to save the young girl only God.

This young girl was shouting and people in the compound were calling the 45yrs old man to open the door so that the young girl can come out but he, the 45 years old man refused 

The man was forcing the young girl to have sexual affairs but the girl didn't do that and she tried as much as she could to escape.

While the girl was trying to escape, this man dropped down on the floor then the girl opened the door and ran outside.

This incident transpires on Sunday.  On Monday morning police came to the girl's house and arrested her.

The police accused the young girl of killing the 45 years old man. 

A friend of mine, Sheku, had the opportunity to see the girl's family and also went to the police station where the girls have been taken to see her 

This girl will soon be jailed because people are only seeing what happen and not what causes the problem.

The young girl sustained bodily injuries including bites on her breast, backs and some parts of her body inflicted by the rapist in his attempt to subdue the innocent girl.

What if this young girl was killed in the process? This is outrageous!

The case is under investigation at the Barracks police station kissy mess-mess, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Please, my family, I will appreciate it and the parents of this young girl will appreciate it as well if this girl gets a lawyer, funding and people to defend her and help her gets justice or else she will go to jail and her educational career will sink the drain  

The photos I have attached are photos of my friend Sheku and the young girl.

For more information please contact this line below +23280235588 or drop me a message.

Thank you all. Let's help this young girl get justice.

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Oct 10
Oct 10

I am sad to hear this story. The lucky thing of this story is the girl can still survive. Please try to help this girl as much as you. Any NGO can give some subsidy to the girl to find a lawyer to help her?
May Almighty God bless her!

Ibrahim S Bangura
Oct 10
Oct 10

Hello Rebecca, thank you for the message. Thanks for showing concern into this matter. Yes, anyone can support, NGO, companies and individuals can support.

Tamarack Verrall
Oct 10
Oct 10

Dear Joshua,
Thank you for writing about this young girl, what she has just been through and the injustice she is facing. I hope that your reaching out can bring the support she needs. What a horrific experience, and nightmare of a situation she is facing now.

Ibrahim S Bangura
Oct 10
Oct 10

Dear Tam, thanks for your comments. Yes, the young girl is going through trauma right now. We need everyone on board to support this young promising girl to get justice.

Oct 13
Oct 13

Dear Joshua

A tragic story. I trust and hope that justice will take its course. As for the girl, she must be showered with all the love and support she can get. May the Ultimate take up her case.

Much strength to all