Ibrahim S Bangura
Posted October 11, 2021 from Sierra Leone

Dear sparkling girl child, today this day was carved and painted with the oil of grace, power and resilience.  You were born strong   and not weak. Without you, there wouldn't have been anything like a man or a world today. All mama earth need is you to make her happy.  Never compromise with anyone about your dignity, because your dignity is the root of your life, your career and your destiny.  Today, the world of some foolish men are out there sitting on the railings of the world waiting to use and dump you, take advantage of your body, beauty, simplicity and kindness.

Please, never give room to that, stand and fight for your right even it demands your last breath, don't give up. Die with honour that will write a new history for the world's next generation of women and girls to come.  

​​​​Remember this girl child, nobody will make you happy except your very self. 

The photo attached here is the 14 years old girl who a 45 years old man wanted to rape but the power of God and the power of the girl child couldn't let him instead he was the one who ended up in the grave.

This morning, at around 9 am Freetown time, I received a call from my friend who is working tirelessly in making sure this young promising girl receive her freedom and justice. I am behind him!

Since when this young girl was arrested, the Sierra Leone police failed to realise that the young girl need medical attention to heal herself from the pain she had sustained while trying to escape from the hands of the 45 years old man.  The report met me that the girl collapsed this morning in the cell where she has been detained.

​​​​​​However, the favour of God and the caring of my friend made it possible that the girl didn't die. She has been taking to the hospital to have treatment but the policemen said she would be arrested again when she gets better.

I will never be happy if this girl goes to jail, I will never be happy with Sierra Leone for seeing an innocent young girl go to jail.

I don't have money but I have you all here my world pulse family.  I firmly believe with our rich hearts, connections and different help, we can give this young girl legal justice because she deserves it. 

I am calling on you all my World Pulse family, please let's help in any way we can so that this girl doesn't go to jail.

I love you all!



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Oct 11
Oct 11

A horror to pass by, it will take a long time for her injuries to heal. Injuries that money cannot heal, invisible to everyone's eyes but those who truly care.
She is going to need a lot of psychological help, I am afraid I can't do much to help. Painful to hear but much more to say, I hope there are those who have the finance and heart to aid her.
I may be stranger but send in a message to her;
She did what most girls failed. Her spirit must not weaken for she has survived a hurdle strong enough that sets many people to the brink of destruction. I hope you get well. And thank you for supporting her despite your own problems. Good luck on your holy mission, I wish you success and her happiness.

Ibrahim S Bangura
Oct 11
Oct 11

Yes, it will take years for her heart's wounds to heal. Her beautiful memory has been populated badly and that ugly flashback will not go in a or year or more. Thanks for the comment!

Oct 13
Oct 13

Greetings! Yes, very disturbing to hear of the girl's misfortunes. She must know and remember that this was never her fault. Praying for strength and for bodily and emotional healing. I also pray that she will received all the help that is needed. May every door open for her.

All the best