Ibrahim S Bangura
Posted February 22, 2021 from Sierra Leone


Hello family! Please could you add your signature to the letter to the Ministers of Education in Sierra Leone expressing concern over continued use of corporal punishment against children in school and in care settings.

Sierra Leone expressed its commitment to prohibit all corporal punishment of children by accepting the recommendations made during the Universal Periodic Review of Sierra Leone in 2016. 'Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment Of Children.’ But this prohibition is still to be achieved fully in the home, alternative care settings, day care and schools

I have always wanted a brighter future for all children in Sierra Leone so I wrote this petition a month a go asking what is Sierra Leone’s commitment to prohibit corporal punishment? 

On behalf of my team #FutureLeadersInitiativeSL and the voiceless children in Sierra Leone, I am  calling for the repeal of these articles and the prohibition of all corporal punishment by parents and all those with parental authority in various settings.

Please help me create a safer place for children in my country by adding your signature [s]. I am targeting 5000 signatures. We can do this, Yes we can!

Thank you all!

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Nini Mappo
Feb 23
Feb 23

Dear Ibrahim,
I say it's about time. I hope this starts a revolution reverberating from Sierra Leone across other parts of Africa where corporal punishment is still terrorizing, disempowering, and stealing from our children.

I have signed the petition. "Children need to be nurtured in safe spaces, where love, positive reinforcement, and considerate guidance are central. Teachers and parents need to build trust and resilience in children, not fear through angry beatings. "

All the best!

Ibrahim S Bangura
Feb 23
Feb 23

My sister Nini, you are a change agent! Thank you so much for adding your voice. Please do share to your friends let's make this happen. Yes We Can!

Feb 23
Feb 23

Good job, Ibrahim. Bravo! Consider it done, too!

Best wishes always,
E. J.

Hello, Ibrahim,

Thank you for speaking up. I have signed the petition, too.

Thelma obani 2020
Apr 28
Apr 28

Yes we will do it.
Keep winning bro.
Victory is ours