Ibrahim S Bangura
Posted April 8, 2021 from Sierra Leone

Hello Sisters! Would you be happy to put a stop to the violation of women and girl’s rights in Sierra Leone by giving them a Bigger and Louder Voice to Speak?   My organisation Future Leaders Initiative SL [https://future-leaders-initiative-sl0.webnode.com] is raising funds to provide a music-recording studio for women and girls to raise awareness on issues affecting them through music and spoken word poetry to remind the government and policymakers for better law reform.  I will be grateful to see your name in the donation list, you can  donate with any amount you have  let make a difference together!  Below is the link to the fundraising page and a full details of the fundraising.  Thank you for reading this note. 


This campaign is to provide a free recording musical mini studio for marginalised and unheard women and girls to raise their voices HIGHER and LOUDER as they want to stand tall against all forms of INJUSTICE compressing their future dreams and violating their human rights. This will amplify their voices through singing, recording of spoken word poetry, recording of jingles into their local languages to reach out to local people who cannot speak either hear English. We believe music and poetry are powerful tools that can entertain and communicate to a wider audience within seconds.

Why the Recording Music Studio?

The studio will serve as a platform that can allow women and girls to raise awareness on many issues affecting them in their homes, schools, and communities. Most of the time when there is a crisis in the country and we want to reach out to communities with relevant messages, for instance, the COVID-19, it becomes difficult as are there are no faster means of spread the message, no megaphones no nothing. So having a recording studio will help the team to produce digital information that will be disseminated via radio stations and other social media platforms. The studio will also serve as a source of empowerment for more women and girls as it will discover and promote those with the talent of singing but have no money to go to a professional recording studio. We want to hear women and girls tell their stories to make extraordinary history The Challenge There are so many tears in the riverbank of Sierra Leone, more laws are needed to protect women and girl's rights from sexual harassment at their work places, domestic violence, child trafficking, online abuse and many more, this can happen when voices come together to urge government and policy makers for law reforms. These young promising women and girls want to share their stories to the wider world with a BIGGER and LOUDER VOICE.



This recording studio will serve as a platform for all local female activists to produce songs, jingles, poems, and podcasts that address social and human rights issues to inform, educate and remind leaders about their duties and responsibilities. It will remain effective until women and girls are free from all injustice

Use of Funds

The funds will be used to buy all necessary recording studio gadgets below

MacBook pro- $699.95

Audio Interface- $119.99

Microphones - $63.84

Microphone Stand- $53.49 Pop Shield Microphone Isolation Cover and foam Sponge - $81.96

Two Headphones – $168

Two studio monitor speakers- $148.31

Two External Hard drive- $188

Acoustic form panel- $15.44

Akai studio audio keyboard $319.53

The rest of the remaining money will be used to buy a video camera to produce music videos and other films that address issues faced by women and girls around their communities


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Jill Langhus
Apr 09
Apr 09

Hi Ibrahim,

How are you? Thanks for sharing your update, video and fundraiser. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Ibrahim S Bangura
Apr 09
Apr 09

Hi Jill, I am doing well thanks for your comment. Yes, it is hard for my team and I anyway, but will never give up

Jill Langhus
Apr 09
Apr 09

Hi there,

Great to hear. You're welcome.

Glad to hear it. Hope you have a good, safe weekend.