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About Me

Epamba Comfort grew up in a community where 1 in 5 girls are out of schools, more than half of girls are married by 18 and more than a quarter of all girls ages 15-19 have already given birth due to high rate of poverty which has increased their frustration, dissatisfaction and making them to engage in prostitution,unwanted pregnancy ,force and early marriages making them vulnerable.This urged her to create centre for livelihoods and support to sustainable development (CLISSD) Cameroon in 2012 to give back hope and improve on girls , women and youth education, livelihoods and rights through advocacy, capacity building, leadership development and networking. CLISSD Cameroon has engaged and empower more than 600 girls, women and youths, who have developed their own solutions to the obstacles they face sustainably

My Vision

To create safe spaces to raise louder voices on sustainable social change and give women,young girls and young people the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge ,improve education,build healthy families,poverty free and sustainable communities.


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