Communication in Conflict

Posted May 26, 2008 from United States
The Hobbit
The Hobbit
The Hobbit (1/1)

Online coursework continues to go well and I'm finding myself in the midst of one of those totally life-changing courses that I wish I'd had access to in high school! I'm learning how to change my perceptions of conflict so that I'm less threatened when it occurs, to assess the situation, and a variety of skills and tactics to apply for resolution.

Another reason this class is a landmark is that it is my first upper level class and I'm doing quite well despite the increased work load.

I will try to post more here as I am able...kind of busy with class and life in general right now.

Some of the things I'm likely to post about:

living with a psychiatric disability animal rights community volunteerism sustainable lifestyle class and poverty issues career goals missing my parents Mr. Baggins, the hobbit who thinks he's a cat

Many thanks to Ankur for creating this site and for inviting me. I'll look forward to getting to know people as time goes on.

Peace and Love, Rhonda

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Ankur Naik
May 31, 2008
May 31, 2008

Hi Rhonda!

That sounds like a fantastic course. Can you imagine if courses like that were available as a normal part of a person's high school curriculum? I'd also love to see critical thinking courses introduced at the high school level or earlier.

Anyway, I do want to mention that the creation of PulseWire was very much an effort by the entire World Pulse team, and it's truly the community of members that has continued to foster the development of the site through the quality of the participation!

Ankur Naik World Pulse Technology Director

(Although I am part of the World Pulse team, the opinions I express on PulseWire are my own.)

May 31, 2008
May 31, 2008

Hi Ankur,

Would you like to be in charge of HS curricula everywhere? I'd vote for you :) It's so often assumed that we'll learn these things in our homes and for those of us who are very lucky, we do, but I very much agree with you...schools need to help us to learn social skills.

I love what the World Pulse Team has done here. I can keep up-to-date with what is going on in my world and feel good about doing so because someone who is engaged in activism to alleviate the problem is my resource for the information.