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Consolata Waithaka
Posted March 1, 2012 from Kenya

Happy New Year friends, I believe the year started on a high note and we are ready to change the society around us in a very positive way. I am standing to be counted! Womans Hope have seen the need to start a Hope Center after thinking of how best we can empower the women around us. The Center has various activities all geared towards touching the lives of our sisters and Mothers. The financial empowerment I believe is the start of helping a less privileged woman in our society. This should be accompanied by frequent training's to ensure the woman knows how to ensure her business grows. This will be done at the Center. Gender violence victims live in the hands of the violators since they don't know where to run to. In our African culture when you go back to your parents you are told to go back to your husband and learn to live with him. So many have died in the hands of their so called husbands. The Center has developed a structure where the victims can come and stay in our Center as they figure out what they want to do with their lives. For the period they are with us, they get to be counseled and trained in various art works/projects that can see them start their own business. With financial freedom, the woman can start her own life or reconcile with the husband. It is Womans Hope pride to see a society where the woman is respected as a human being.

To be self sustaining, the Center has a section on Bed and breakfast or short stays. When you come to Nairobi, give us a chance to serve you. Kindly pass this to your friends. Lots of Love,

Sista Consolata

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