Women with Disability Day in the Philippines Today!

Posted March 22, 2015 from Philippines
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In the Philippines we celebrate Women with Disability day today!

Every last Monday of March as part of the celebration of the Women's month -- that day is reserved to commemorate the contributions of women with disability in nation building.

Disability is still the most marginalized sector in the country, the poorest of the poor and are always an after thought in development planning.

I wish that one day people with disabilty become forefront of their own development -- the only way forward is to get them involved from beginning to end. Make them and their families owner of their own progress to ensure that they are part of the social sector contributing to the development process of their own sector rippling to others.

Disability is not going away -- it is part of human development. Eventually all of us will experience to be disabled one way or the other -- take into consideration age, trauma, domestic violence and proliferation of bad habits in eating and lifestyle. So we are all part of the sector and we can do something about it.

Inclusion and empowerment are key to making the right real for them and for all of us. Making them owners of their own life respond to the mantra of "Nothing About Us Without Us".

Philippines can take advantage of the opportunity that the number of PWD is not the same as other developing country and we have the laws, funds and expertise that can help -- if only the government curb corruption, nepotism and bureaucracy make thechange necessary to uplift the condition and situation of the disability sector.

For now I share in the celebration -- shouting to the world "Mabuhay Ka Juana, may kapansan man o wala!

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ma.chona lasaca
Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015

In many societies, we already found out that to be a woman is already a disadvantage. To be a woman, to be poor and have a disability is even more disadvantageous. I am struck by your point that " eventually, all of us will experience to be disabled one way or another". This should make us be more sensitive to the needs of PWD then, by creating support networks and structures.Thank you Coolasas for highlighting the PWD.Please continue sharing us how PWD can be further supported to economically empower them.

Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015

Thanks Chona for your comment.

And yes because we don't know much about disability people tend to ignore that it's part of our evolution and therefore should not be ignored. There are many ways for us to be part of the movement to make it part of the development process, and I am happy to be meeting people that are already ahead in that thinking. 

I will continue to highlight issues on disability in this platform to spread the word that they too are part of nation building and not welfare cases as what some still think they are. 



Yvette Warren
Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015

You are correct that we all have disabilities and unique abilities. Ownership and empowerment are the only ways to build fully human societies.