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About Me

I am president of an NGO fighting for the restoration of the dignity of women admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Buenos Aires Argentina
Our institution has the main goal, based on professional and non professional personal, to help these women to reinsert as well as rehabilitate them into society. For this purpose, our institution has developed a rehabilitation program called P.R.E.A (Rehabilitation and outside hospitalization based in Mental Health)
This program was landed for the first time in the year 2000 and has been working for 13 years for the benefit of our patients. Basically it was created with the intention of giving back these women some of the rights they have lost.
Beside of being abandoned by society and their families, these women are over and over again neglected. They not only have to deal with a mental illness but to the fact of being averted from their social-affective environment, making it more difficult to be inserted in society again.
Some samples of what we do
the social work To be more efficient by helping more women regain their dignity Build motivation in people

My Vision

Always positive!!! We can always !!!