Opportunity to be Published by World Pulse—Maternal Health emagazine

Corine Milano
Posted March 14, 2013 from United States

Dear VOF alum,

I'm the managing editor at World Pulse and I'm writing today with an exciting opportunity!

We are currently putting together an emagazine content package that will be delivered at the end of May at the Women Deliver conference, which focuses on maternal health globally. (You can see their site at womendeliver.org). We are seeking content from our community members on the topic of maternal health, for possible inclusion in the emagazine. We will also be publishing select contributions on the Huffington Post.

We are encouraging all VOF alum to write on this topic in their PulseWire journals with the tag "Maternal Health." We're specifically looking for stories that have a strong personal narrative, and that suggest solutions to the issue at hand. Think Frontline Journal style. Topics could be young motherhood, morbidity, access to health services, birth practices, midwives, access to abortion services, maternal death, men's involvement in maternal health—or any topic of your choosing!

If you are interested, please share your story in your personal journal and add the tag "Maternal Health" to be considered for publication. We are asking for submissions by April 23, though earlier is always better.

If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected].

Thanks so much! I hope you'll decide to participate!


Corine Milano Managing Editor World Pulse

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Rahmana Karuna
Apr 09, 2013
Apr 09, 2013

Greetings Corine, i submitted week one assignment into my journal, then went back and tagged it as maternal health. now i am wondering how to add it to the online community? has my posting been added to the "Maternal Health" campaign? thank you Rahmana Karuna

Aug 19, 2013
Aug 19, 2013

bonjour!je suis heureuse de vous lire;courage!!!