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About Me

Hi. I'm Camille. I'm a longtime journalist, writer and editor who is passionate about empowering women. From a young age, my father taught me that, as a woman, I had infinite power and potential. And this stuck with me, through majoring in feminist history at Stanford, and into my career.

Fresh out of school, I worked as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal in London and New York. I covered arts, commodities, technology, youth culture and more. Since then, I have worked in marketing at Google, reported on venture capital and green technology for VentureBeat, and managed public relations for electric car maker Tesla Motors. Today, I am the content manager for microfinance nonprofit Kiva, where I edit the website, run the social media channels, and funnel incredible field content to over 1 million users.

I love working in the nonprofit sector, and am thrilled to finally be leveraging my writing and editing skills to empower women around the world. My next goal is to mentor other young women who want to write.
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My Vision

A world where people use technology to take care of one another.