How did Covid19/pandemic made an impact in my family

Posted November 17, 2021 from Philippines

2019, I resigned from my previous work and since that time I have experienced both ups and down in my life. I thought that we can still survive with what we have until pandemic came, we thrive, tried and still surviving on what it brought to our family. We may not be directly experience to have Covid19 but I experienced panic attack which I haven't experienced before. Whenever I go out and see people like in supermarkets, banks or in a fastfood chain,  I felt my whole body is shaking with fear, sweating, my head hurts and I wanted to go as far as I can not to be with other people. It affects my behavior towards communicating and relating with other people. Little by little I want to overcome that fear. And because of this, my family is aware of what's happening around us and they understand what I am experiencing with. They support me, they pacify me, they took care of me. 

Covid19 brought hardship in finding work. As a mother and a wife that I wanted to support my family from any way that I could. I started applying after few months of resting and having more time with my family, but as any unemployed it is too hard to find a company that would accept and hire me. And because its pandemic time more and more people are also looking for a job, competition is too tight. Filling out application forms, exams, interviews and again application forms from one to I cannot count but I have an Excel sheet to track how many companies have I tried sending my resume and have invited for an interview and finally I was not selected again and again. Frustrations, Disappointments I have to dealt with and I have asked myself a thousand times why I am not selected, why I am not offered the job. What is it that they are looking for? Or because it's pandemic time that is why it's really hard to find work. 

In a positive side, during this time also that I came to know World Pulse Philippines and its a good changing experience learning that there are people that I may not know personally that can relate with you and can understand what we are going through. And in simple words and reactions that they express, it's a big thing for me as it boosts my morale and I felt that I have touch their hearts as they also touch mine.

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Nov 18
Nov 18

thank you for sharing your story. A lot to learn from especially on resilience. All the best

Nov 19
Nov 19

Hi Cristy, I'm so glad that you had the courage to share how you felt especially in finding a job. I felt the same way. Sometimes, I ask myself why, why, why.

Good to know that you found a space on World Pulse Philippines that you can express your thoughts. Your story and mine when shared can bring an inspiration to a woman who have experienced the same situation. We can be a strength for each other.