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About Me

What an age we're living in! It's exciting to be a part of an emerging global community of women here on I am looking forward to hearing and learning from wise women the world over. I will humbly offer some opinions on various issues that interest me, but in general a few of the issues I love to talk about are social entrepreneurship, community development, social justice, politics (national, global), small business development (marketing), and the global women's movement.

I'm an active member in the following organizations: Net Impact, University of Michigan Alumni, Network of Spiritual Progressives, and Minds Matter- Portland.

As the point person for partnerships for World Pulse, I welcome any and all to reach out with their partnership ideas. I strongly believe it is through collaboration that the most significant and long lasting work gets done. Travel, books, mentoring, entrepreneurship Buying everything I want locally is sometime a challenge. Adopting the habit of re-using before buying new is difficult at times, but rewarding. social entrepreneurship, economic development through the support of entrepreneurs, business management.

My Vision

A society where there is a balance between the need to see accountability, measure results and make profits with the importance and under valued (currently) behavior associated with community building: being compassionate toward your neighbor (in the wid