Dalitso Lungu
Posted November 5, 2021 from Zambia

Let`s get working, the heat is scorching.

Climate financing seemed to have been underscored over the years despite the notable and practical negative impact led by poor investment towards environmental protection in the country. However, the narrative is changing in the face of Zambia in that it has been so considerate by fattening the Budget allocation towards environmental protection. Besides, that civil society organizations have plotted with passion on their board by connecting dotes that will foresee the enactment of the climate bill.

The commitment to consider pumping funds in the Environmental protection sector should not occur once in a blue moon. There is an urgent need to ensure that even capacity building and literacy is inculcated into the wider community to continue giving life to this important sector. On account of dependency on minerals and hydroelectricity a new gold which is Agriculture should be prioritized and also revamping the use of renewable energy such as solar to a greater extent to keep the economy running efficiently. 

Rising to the occasion at a point when nations are working towards sustainable development goals. It is the Green world that should be pictured by planting the right seeds that will produce fruits and enrich the world’s economy.

Furthermore, it is the heat of the earth’s furious reactions fuelled by industrialization and other intense economic activities that affect the ecosystem.

Hence, the need to also ensure that forests, national parks and water bodies are protected unlike replacing them with human activities that may lead to environmental degradation and pollution for economic gains. 

The pressure is quite jumpy when trying to meet the aspirations of those who outpoured their love by giving them an opportunity to sit at the helm of leadership through the ballot to enhance the economic status quo.

Governing a country is not entirely dependent on the leaders in the position of influence alone it takes a great deal of young and driven individuals amounting to the needs of the great world economies who are committed to championing the developmental agenda of a country.   

This great world of economic breakthroughs should give chance to existing small businesses to implement their projects that will create an impactful social status quo. 

To this effect, wise leaders will always incorporate the younger generation to infuse a zeal to stand in the gap towards economic prosperity.

However, the suns radiation should not stop the movement for a better condition of planet earth, there is a lot more to be desired.

A bold step on Climate action is needed now more than ever!

This requires an investment in systematic research to provide appropriate technological innovations. 

In each democracy, there is always some sort of expectation from citizens belonging to that particular state for their leaders to stabilize the economy and establish the rule of Law whilst in governance before their tenure of office expires.

Like the former second Republican President of Zambia Fredrick Chiluba once noted that this sit is so sweet.

In this regard, a national piece of cake is meant for every class of citizenry to have an equal share.

However, the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) and various Green initiatives are wonderful platforms to exchange notes that can harness third world nations to be considerate in investing in the Green economy.

Hence, the introduction of the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment is a good indicator that will enhance the effective distribution of resources that will enable sustainability in the green economy.

Therefore, the fight against climate change and the desire to sustain the envisaged Green economy cannot be made possible without adequate financing towards this important sector which has been given less attention.

Existing lined ministries that have been put in place must be able to ensure that resources are channelled to the needed thematic areas and youths should be involved in various projects that center on developmental agendas through the decision making and providing of opportunities. The system must be inclusive and diverse to enable equal participation in achieving such a pertinent vision.

This story was submitted in response to Protecting Our Planet.

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J Brenda Lanyero
Nov 07, 2021
Nov 07, 2021

Hello Dalitso.
Thank you for sharing this story with us. Good job in this intiative.

Dalitso Lungu
Nov 25, 2021
Nov 25, 2021

Am humbled Brenda

Grace Iliya
Nov 15, 2021
Nov 15, 2021

Hello Dalitso
Thank you for sharing this with us
Very informative

Dalitso Lungu
Nov 25, 2021
Nov 25, 2021

Am grateful Grace.