Dalitso Lungu
Posted November 25, 2021 from Zambia

When society looks at us they see a perfect couple meanwhile behind are scars I hide with pride.

Every time I come to visit this place makes me feel like a stranger as if it wasn’t a perfect paradise when I tied the knot.

Sometimes I think your family will change but they can`t am living because of the vow.

This whole thing gives me a headache as I try to be strong like bones that make up my skull.

I wish this place could have been safe if we all told the side of our story without judging each other with a view of rating who is better than who.

We literally rush to break the hearts of many especially children when we have absolute power.

Humility is the myth when one is poor.

I`m blocked by your ill opinions about my private life.

I can`t trust you even if I was to share what I have been going through with my partner your sympathy will make me become cruel because your kindness is exaggerated.

Crocodile smiles that will make me weep when torment hits me under the roof at the point of your planned absentia.

Showing us true love when our kids wear rags is just an imagination that I perceive when am bound in loneliness.

I have gone through hard times but I have been pretending in order to preserve this legal institution during the agony of honeymoon.

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Jill Langhus
Nov 26
Nov 26

Hi Dalitso,

Thanks for sharing your struggle. Are you referring to society, in general, or a certain group that is judging you?