Ngwa Damaris
Posted April 21, 2021 from Cameroon
Delicious Tofu soya

The negetive effects of the animal industry to the climate and our bodies is fast increasing. At Happy World (Peace & Green Village), we encourage people to shift to a plant based healthy lifestyle. Here are a few recipes we have put in place for you.


VEGAN MEAT (Meat Alternatives) RECIPES


INGREDIENTS – Soya Beans and water


  • Wash the soya beans and soak for a minimum of 08 hours in clean water or overnight.
  • Drain and rinse it thoroughly. Grind to form a paste, adding some clean water while grinding.
  • Add water in the mashed soybeans and stir for some minutes.
  • Then squeeze the soymilk through a thin clean cloth.
  • Add vanilla flavor, ginger juice, or citron leave; then boil the soya milk for at least 25 minutes.
  • While boiling, make sure you keep stirring from time to prevent it from burning and/or sticking to the bottom of the pot.
  • When it boils, turn the heat to medium, and keep it at a boiling level until 25 minutes is up.
  • The soy milk is now ready for consumption or for production of tofu(soya meat)
  • Sugar can be added according to taste
  • It can be served hot or cold.
  • Refrigerate to store.



INGREDIENTS: 1 litter of soya bean milk, concentrated lemon juice or vinegar.


  • While boiling the soya bean milk above, Put ¼ cup of concentrated lemon juice or vinegar
  • Add a pinch of salt
  • Stir well and let it boil for over 30 minutes
  • By this time, the soy milk should be in small solid forms(curded), and sink down the container
  • If the whitish soy milk is still visible, add a little more lemon juice or vinegar till no milk is seen. There should only be brownish water seen floating on the curded milk.
  • With a napkin cloth, filter the extra water and let the soya solids cool for about 10 minutes.
  • Squeeze the solid soya so that no water is left in it (can be used here to prepare tofu omelette)
  • Cut into cubes and fry in vegetable oil until it becomes light brown.
  • Can be used as meat to prepare any dish of your choice.



INGREDIENTS – 1kg wheat flour (sold in traditional markets can make servings for 3 to 5 persons)


  • Mix flour with cold water and knead into a hard dough
  • Put the dough in cold water for at least 30 minutes
  • Wash the dough in cold water using a colander. The dough should be inside the colander during the washing process. Continuously mix the dough with the tips of your fingers while rinsing with clean water.
  • Repeat the process about 3 to 4 times until no whitish water comes out of the dough. While washing. Continually compress the dough while washing to avoid scattering the dough.
  • The remnant in the colander will be a brownish sticky substance (gluten)
  • Cut the gluten into small pieces and put in boiling water to cook. Add salt, Maggi, onion or any spice of your choice.
  • Strain the water and fry in hot oil
  • Can be used as meat to prepare any meal of your choice
  • Refrigerate to store.



INGREDIENTS: 1kg of egusi, ½ cup vegetable oil, seasoning, salt, pepper (optional) ginger, garlics, onions, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, 1 tablespoon of white pepper, fresh plantain leaves and ropes.


  • Warm plantain leaves on fire and cut the leaves into squares
  • Grind egusi to powder form (in any local grinding mill)
  • Grind ginger, garlics, onions, pepper, white and black pepper
  • Boil the above spices in ½ litter of water with salt and seasoning to taste
  • Take the pot off the fire and let it cool for about 5 minutes
  • Pour the ground egusi into the pot of spices and mix together with vegetable oil
  • At this point the mixture should be in paste form
  • Prepare the pot for steaming by putting water to boil on fire
  • Distribute the paste into 6 to 10 plantain leaves and tie into bundles and place them in the pot of boiling water to cook
  • Let it cook for at least 1 hour while adding water in the pot from time to time
  • The egusi meat is ready. It can be eaten with yam, plantains etc
  • It can be cut into slices and used as meat in any meal of your choice
  • It can be fried in oil to get a different taste and for storage purposes.

NB: Mushroom can be used as substitute for meat too



These recipes are brought to you by HAPPY WORLD (Peace & Green Village), Mile 7, Mankon- Bamenda, North West Region Cameroon.

For more information, contact Tel: 677 485 966 or 677 519 677

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Nini Mappo
Apr 21
Apr 21

Hello Damaris,
Wow, it is great to see this gaining traction in mama Africa, because there is a saying I have heard to the effect of 'Africans don't go vegetarian'. I had no idea that you can make soy meat from soy milk so easily. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to improve our lives and help care for the environment.
It might also be useful to help your female audience especially with good plant-based sources of iron, for those who rely on meat for it, as anemia is also on the rise among women of child-bearing age.
I'd be curious to know if you have had many people give up animal protein sources for plant based ones. Thank you for sharing. It is enlightening.

Leonida Odongo
Apr 21
Apr 21

Dear Damaris,

Thank you for sharing these insights , they are very important especially now that so many diseases are emerging and people are getting chained to pharmacies and hospitals .



Apr 22
Apr 22

Hello Damaris,
Thank you for introducing us to this eating and healthy living habits.