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Put a smile on a child

Dando Mugara
Posted October 11, 2016 from Zambia
Expired on December 9, 2016

Put a smile on a child.

Put a smile on a child is an upcoming simple initiative.

Our goal is to put a smile on a child with chronic illnesses such as cerebra palsy,sickle cell and HIV/AIDS.

We intend to come up with activities to be held every first and fourth Sunday of every month.

These activities will be done in the community where such children are mostly disadvantaged:

Activities will include:

-drawings,painting,reading,jumping castles, games and many more.

- snacks,cloths,pencils and note books.

In order to achieve this goal we are seeking for well wishes to come in and help with donations of any kind,it could be books,pecils,crayrons,cloths,shoes,games or an item you think can be of help.

We are also looking for any one interested in working,networking and connecting us with other sources who would be of help.

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