my addiction was love

Posted September 17, 2020 from United States

Hey everyone , im keri & i have two little girls whom are 4 and 3 me and they're father co-parent really well on the two of them we are also together 6 years but the cheated just didn't work out for me. we have been split now for 2 years . okay well 6 months ago i met this guy well not really met him I've known him basically all my life. everything seemed so perfect he was so handsome and the sweetest to me and the girls he constantly called me beautiful and that made me fall even moreee in love, so in love that i just knew he was the one . about a month went by and i noticed his attitude changing like where i couldnt even get on my phone with out being called a whore without being accused of everything you could possibly think of i was never doing anything but he always said i was he even had his mom his sisters believing him it then became physical to where he was breaking my things and smashing my phone putting hands on each other while all thats going on im pregnant with his baby well i keep trying to work it out with him i keep thinking hes going to change i keep giving changes but i know hes not i know hes going to be the same person as HE WAS . AND IS.  3 days ago we got into it i call the cops he runs and calls his momma so after the cops come and leave they show back up baby dadd and mom and dad and the mom hits me as im pregnant the dad fractured my hand the son left me there crying with his baby sooo i left my house and have been staying with family he has no idea where im at and has been looking for me . calling everyone of my friends and family sending the police out to file a missing persons report. i have so many emotions i feeel like im going insane and just dont know what to do  

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Jill Langhus
Sep 18
Sep 18

Hello Danielle, Dear,

Welcome to World Pulse. I wish it was on better terms for you, but you're in the right place. It seems, unfortunately, I've heard this story before. Please don't your decisions, and self, for one more minute! You did what you had to do and you have all the support and love from our community. Please be careful around this narcissistic man. He's done a number on you, but you are strong. I'm very proud of you for being so brave to leave him and take care of yourself and your baby. I hope, personally, that you stay away from. You, and your baby, don't deserve this! I hope you know this. I also hope you know he most likely won't change, even if says that he will. I also think when you return to your home, if it's safe, that you should consider putting a restraining order on him. I would hate for anything to happen to you or your family.

Please keep us posted, dear, and please stay safe!


Nini Mappo
Sep 18
Sep 18

Dear Danielle,
I am so sorry, that you have been so betrayed and abused. I am so sorry that because you loved, you are now not safe. I am sorry that as you mourn your physical hurt, you also mourn the death of a love that you thought would last.
I am glad that you recognised his controlling behaviour and had enough courage to move to a safe place, because you need to be safe so you can focus on getting your emotions together to calm down and silence the negative thoughts brought by the trauma.
When we go through a shocking and traumatic experience like that, we can forget who we are. We can feel like it' s our fault, we can doubt our worth and capability. Please don't blame yourself. It wasn't your fault that he hurt you. and know that you are a woman of worth, and that you have immense dignity and value, even if the man you thought was the one failed to see that.
Please know that you are worthy of real pure love, that you are worthy of respect, that you are worthy of physical and emotional safety, and don't let his anger cloud your view of your beautiful, loving self.

I hope that you do what you need to do to remain safe, and ensure that he will not endanger your life or that of your children
I hope that you get better soon, both inside and outside, and that you can still enjoy the rest of the pregnancy in spite of what has happened. Feel free to reach out here any time. Your global sisters stand with you.

Sending love, prayers, hugs and sparkles :)

Paulina Nayra
Sep 19
Sep 19

Oh dear Danielle, you made an important first step to free yourself from a violent relationship. Did you report this incident to the police? Did you ask for a protection order so that he cannot go anywhere near you? Is there a women’s group or a VAW hotline where you can get information on what to do? What are your plans?
I hope you can find someone or a group whom you can discuss with regarding your options and next move. Remember, what is important is SAFETY FIRST. Allow yourself to be free from any form of abuse. Love yourself. Your children and the one who truly loves you wish the best for you. Free from harm. Free from the controlling behaviour of any person. You can do it. You are a brave woman. I will pray for you and your baby. Thank you for trusting us with your story. World Pulse is here for you.

Sep 19
Sep 19

Dear Danielle
Let me send you lots of hugs and care first. I am so relieved that you recognize your perpetrator and get out of the toxic and violent relationship. Please explore if there is any organization nearby you who can give you the required help may be medical help or shelter or any organization that can help you. Nothing is important than your health and safety now sister and i hope and wish that there will be an organization like that. Please do take care and keep update if possible. We are with you.
love and regards, anjana

Shirin Dalaki
Sep 19
Sep 19

Dear Danielle,

Welcome to WP and thank you for posting your first story. I am sorry for what you are going through and I hear you. I know that you are going through a lot but it is happening for your own spiritual growth and this shall pass too. I just ask you to be smart and protect yourself. I want you to start loving and respecting yourself first and put your whole focus on this important sentence because this is the only way out. No one can love you until you learn to love yourself. Please stay away from this dangerous man and his family and report them to the police; We are here for you and you are safe here. Please take care of yourself and write more to tell us what is going on with you and how we can serve each other.
With Love,

Manasa Ram Raj
Sep 21
Sep 21

Dear Danielle,

At World Pulse we care deeply about the safety and well being of all our members. I would encourage you to make sure you are taking measures to protect your safety online - our tips can be found here ( For example, if your safety is in danger, putting your photo on your profile may not be a wise idea.

I would also encourage you to reach out to the World Pulse community team if you are looking for assistance from the team - [email protected].

In addition, World Pulse has relationships with organizations who may be able to provide direct assistance to you. If you are interested in more details on how that could work, please reach out so we can discuss more.

If there is something else you are asking for, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to connect you with the people who can provide support.

In solidarity,

Hello, Keri,

Welcome to World Pulse! Thank you for courageously opening up your story. The first thing that came into my mind when you describe your baby's father is that he is a narcissist, dear. He love-bombed you, then gaslighted you, and even turned his family into flying monkeys. Typical narc situation, dear.

Please feel free to reach out. It is not your fault that you fell in love with him. Please let us know you are safe.

Sep 22
Sep 22

Dear Danielle,
Thank you for sharing. Really sorry that you are going through such abuse now. It happens all too often and glad that you are raising your voice by sharing. I'm sorry for the pain you have had to suffer. You are loved and needed. Your kids need you and so does your family and friends. Please, remain safe. Take care of your mental and physical health.

You're a strong woman, Sis. I can see that you definitely know what you want. Please, guard your independent mind jealously. Do not succumb to manipulation in order to please, so you would not end up displeasing yourself.

Thank you for sharing your first post and welcome to the sisterhood. You're home!

Please stay safe and ensure you keep us posted.
Love and hugs,
E. J.