Posted March 8, 2021 from South Africa

i do not want to be "the wife of a college professor"

i do not want to stay at home with

bitter words going stale in my mouth

i do not want to be

that "would-be-could-be-had-been poet"

who becomes neurotic and quiet

i do not want to ponder "a lost youth"

and try to keep up keep up-beat

keep that smile, the figure, those clothes

i do not know what visions or versions

of myself i have compromised or

defeated or inflated

i do not want to dream

about broken teeth and hair

and debris clogging

my mouth and throat anymore

i want (us) to rise

emerging brilliant

hard and glowing

: glittering

i want (us) to dance

our bodies softening


a tender music on our skins

i want red sounds to come

out of our mouths

blue words around

our heads a crown

of imagination and possibility

a fresh prayer on our palms

: heard

: recognised

: comforted

: respected

i want (us) to be

not adrift

but part of the sea









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Nini Mappo
Mar 08
Mar 08

Dear 'not wife of a college professor',
OK, I know you name is Daydri, but that line is so catchy! Yes, let us create new identifiers for ourselves and our tribe, as we break the mold and its stereotypes to be who and what we were created to be, co- creators, not spectators. Unpressured, content, inviting others into our circle with both infectious vision and laughter. Now, I am just wondering why it is better to be part of the sea and not adrift? Is it the uniformity, or the sense of belonging, or the power....? Puzzled by poetry he hee :)

Mar 08
Mar 08

thank you for your wonderful comment! :)
as for the sea: the power, the depth, the dream and greatness of it :)

Carine Fola fomduwir

Yes yes and yes .thanks for this

Mar 08
Mar 08

thank YOU!

Beth Lacey
Mar 08
Mar 08

You have a brilliant dream. You will succeed

Mar 08
Mar 08

thanks :)

Mar 25
Mar 25

Beautifully written! I love this. Empowering!

Mar 25
Mar 25

Thank you!