Posted September 17, 2020 from Nigeria

I am the President and founder of Standup for Women Society (SWS), Senior Principal Partner in God’s Glory Chambers and Executive Director, Eliphaz House of Love Foundation.

Barr. Abosede D. Ijadele-Adetona serves as the President and founder of Standup for Women Society Nigeria (SWS) and is responsible for the operation and management of the organization. In addition, Deborah also sits on the Board of Trustees of Standup for Women Society (SWS) and Eliphaz House of Love Foundation. She is a legal practitioner, an advocate and promoter of women’s empowerment, rights and equality. She is a public speaker on the same issue and frequently writes about the challenges women face in all the states in Nigeria. She has worked with many organizations.

Deborah has led several influential women’s organizations and networks. She currently runs Standup for Women Society (SWS) in all the states in Nigeria as the President. She has worked at the organisation for years and has grown it from the beginning when it first started in Ondo state for women in all the states in Nigeria and helps thousands of women resolving conflicts and raising funds through effective and innovative donor relationships and partnerships. Check this organization on

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Shirin Dalaki
Sep 17
Sep 17

Hello Debby,

Welcome to WP and thank for all you do to bring this consciousness to surface. I know that together we can rise and create a new mind-set to present how powerful we are as women.


Sep 17
Sep 17

Thank you for sharing.

Nini Mappo
Sep 18
Sep 18

Hello Debby,
Welcome to World Pulse. That picture says it all_ we rise by lifting. Good on you for all the women you ar lifting in your rise, who will raise other with them!
Thank you for sharing this work . I love "House of Love" concept. May we all be houses of love, to shelter others and infuse them with life.

Hello, Debby,

Welcome to World Pulse! Wow, another voice from Nigeria is rising up! We're happy you are here!

Thank you for sharing your important works and networks with us. We hope to get to know you more. Looking forward to reading your stories.

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Sep 22
Sep 22

Hi Debby66,
Hearty congratulations on your first post and a warm welcome to World Pulse. Congratulations too on your achievements and the impact of your organisation in Nigeria. Great that you are leading a team of Influencers to support women and feminine matters.

I tried to click on the link in your piece unsuccessfully. You may wish to check the address was correctly typed.

Keep writing, Sis. 'Would love to read more about your organisation, especially the figures of your impact. Yes, "we rise by lifting'. I love the illustration.

Love and hugs,
E. J.