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About Me

I am a Devotee of Love
My Life has been devoted to Being Love and the Mysteries
I have had a longterm Soul Healing Practice, A cosmological Farm, a FDA Commercial kitchen where I created value Added product that was distributed nationally
80 acres of very rare land in the last deep forest canopy of the midwest.
My Home, My healing Center, Farm & relationship to the eco-system built on communicating with nature...all dreams come true.
After 30 years of marriage..and deep soul reflection I ended my marriage & left everyhting behind to begin my next chapter of life.
It has been the most challenging 4 years of my life. I am in economic devsation aftre having comfortable wealth. I lost my communities & friends who could not digest the choice I made to leave the man who had been my best friend and great love .People understand leaving broken situations, they have not understood how I could leave loving it all, listening to my soul.

My Vision

My VIsion
Change The Dream on Planet Earth
What does the Dream become when we dedicate ourselves to being LOVE


I need you to know I am here
I need your prayers
I need sustainable work so that I can focus on my gifts..and bring them forward globally


My current transmission Is called Quasar creates a rapid state of neurogenesis, increasing well being, thriving & creativity


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