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Writers for a Global News Platform

Deborah Maloney-Cyh
Posted August 12, 2018 from United States
Expired on September 12, 2018

Some people in Silicon Valley, CA have created an online News Platform Dedicated to fact based reoprting of news around the Globe.
Needed: a team of writers able to produce 7-14 articles/ day 7 days a week
They have the platform built it has a global audience
They are seeking a person to take complete ownership, that has a writng team capable of the mission.
I have been in contact with them, letting them know i want to be that person, and that I am with out a team currently
but will actively seek forming one.
This is a dream come true possibility
I am seeking writers who want to share in this with me...and i am reaching out to you......

Get Involved

Please contact me with your interest..Has this been a dream of yours? or when you read about it..does it feel like you are called to it?
What would you like to write about? There is no limit.
In the selection box I am limited to 3 regions ...but this is global!

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Jill Langhus
Aug 13, 2018
Aug 13, 2018

Hi Deborah,

This does sound like a great opportunity. Thanks for sharing. There are quite a few writers and journalists on the WP forum. Good luck on your dream! Please keep us posted.

Stephanie Mah
Aug 13, 2018
Aug 13, 2018

Hi Deborah,
Good to know, thanks for sharing, good lock.