What Are You Grateful For❓

Posted October 22, 2021 from Nigeria


1. I am grateful that I was able to write, publish, print, launch, and sell copies of my first book in 2019 despite the failed attempt in 2009. 

2. I am grateful because the huge financial challenge my family had in 2019 did not stop me from achieving my goal of impacting lives through my published asset. I had to borrow to make it happen but the success and 6-figure profit I got after paying back my creditors gave birth to my Writing, Publishing, and Coaching Business in 2020 and I'm very grateful for that.

3. I am grateful for the 5-star reviews my personal brand (Deborah Ajala) has on Goggle.

4. I am grateful for the award nominations I got in the following categories: ~ Content creator of the year  ~ Author of the year, and ~ Bestselling author of the year 2020. ~ Brand with Distinct Positive Values at TIBA2021

5. I am grateful for the hundreds of authors and aspiring authors who have been greatly blessed through my coaching, writing, editing, and publishing services across the globe.

6. I am grateful for the opportunity to eventually serve my country at 28. Even though I was posted to a remote part of Delta state where I hardly have access to light and network, I am grateful for the option I have to travel to the local government headquarters every week. It is so demanding that I sometimes have to fight back my tears but I'm grateful that I could make this weekly sacrifice to keep my online business going on a low key until I'm fully back to Lagos or wherever God leads me after my POP next year.

To your endless success ‼️

~ Deborah Ajala

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Oct 22
Oct 22

Hi Deborah and congratulations! I celebrate your milestone. You could have looked the other way, but you didn't. You pressed on, like a warrior. I am sure that so many women would appreciate your post. Thank you for sharing far and wide. You are an inspiration. I am grateful, alongside you.

Much love and strength and success.

Oct 22
Oct 22

Thank you so much for celebrating with me.

I'm inspired to do more.

Laetitia Shindano
Oct 28
Oct 28

Chère Deborah,
Merci de partager vitre histoire. Vraiment vous êtes un exemple de courage et de détermination pour toutes les jeunes femmes quant à l'atteinte des objectifs que l'on s'est fixés.
''En persévérant,on y arrivera''
A bientôt,