Initiative Update

Increased number of women attending colleges without fear by setting up Sexual Harassment Committees within campus

Deepa Pawar
Posted June 8, 2020 from India

Through direct trainings with college going women and awarness campaign in the universities, we were about to impact: 1. Young college going women between ages 17-22 of 27 colleges across Thane and Mumbai districts of Maharashtra. 2. Young college going men between ages 17-22 of 27 colleges 3. Women working in unorganized or informal workplaces such as domestic workers, sanitation workers, self help groups, etc. 4. Female and male college teachers of 27 colleges.


As a result of these efforts, more women are encouraged to go to universities without fearing for their safety.  

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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Jill Langhus
Jun 08
Jun 08

Hello Deepa,

Thanks for sharing your latest impact report... great job!!

Anita Shrestha
Jun 09
Jun 09

Thank you for sharing

Hello, Deepa,

Keep up the great work! I am so proud of you!

Beth Lacey
Jun 11
Jun 11

I wish you much luck with this important work

Jun 12
Jun 12

Thank you for sharing.

Catherine De Freitas

Hello sis,
This initiative is such a needed one. I am so happy to hear about it. I hope it can expand internationally. You are needed. Continue making a difference. Blessings :)

Jul 15
Jul 15

Hi Deepa,
That's a good initiative.Positively impacting lives of the young girls. Good job!