Through CIP programe : milestones of changing perspective of collage system in term of safe higher education spaces

Deepa Pawar
Posted July 10, 2019 from India
session with youth of collage
session with youth of collage : #poshact2013 Prevention,protection and redressal act 2013 against sexual harressment (1/5)

Response of both students, teachers and management of colleges has been very encouraging. One teacher said, "Whether we get a sexual harassment case or not is secondary, but it is our duty to put up a functioning ICC in our college". One sole boy from the bunch of formerly disinterested young men put up his hand, and firmly stated, "Sending continuous messages to a woman if she is not comfortable is sexual harassment." Usually, even women are unable to distinguish that unsolicited, unwelcome personal messages - however harmelss in their content - constitute sexual harassment. Young women also joined in to strongly state that not having separate toilets for men and women, and especially for those with disability, is sexual violence and that it is the establishment's responsibility to provide this facility. Have ICC, but teachers feel there is no need because never got any case. After session said will take guidance for proper functioning. Mostly young women identified all 4 case studies as either physical or mental torture but none as sexual harassment. Later like one student said, “Everything related to body is sexual harassment, but we never speak or think about our bodies.” Teachers said don’t have ICC, will take guidance from Anubhut

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Pratibha Ukey
Jul 11
Jul 11

Actually Teachers and students aware these subject

Hello, Deepa,

Thank you for sharing the discussion of your activity concerning sexual harrassment/violence. This is a subject everyone needs to know so women know how to set boundaries with their bodies. I’m glad that this was a success based. Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

Jill Langhus
Jul 12
Jul 12

Hi Deepa,

How are you doing, dear? Thanks for sharing your great photos and update:-) Not only did you have a great turnout for this event, but some great interaction and responses, too! Great job! Keep up the great work:-)

Beth Lacey
Jul 12
Jul 12

We are all learning more on this topi. Nice to see men are part of the work

Madhuri Deshkar
Jul 12
Jul 12

आपकी विचार बहूत अचे है