Conducted training with person with disabilities activist.

Deepa Pawar
Posted July 25, 2019 from India
Session with activist
Session with activist : Last moments with particpants and organisers (1/5)

Conducted two days residential traning with disabilities activist at rajsthan jaipur india , topic covered #gender #patriarchy #leadership #laws ..Sightsavers is an international organization that is implementing The Social Inclusion Programme in five districts of Rajasthan namely Dungarpur, Sirohi, Udaipur, Bikaner and Chittorgarh in partnership with Grassroot organization. The programme is executed to empower Disabled People's Organization (DPO), building their capacities and linking them with various social and economic empowerment schemes of the government. The programme is also supporting disabled people, providing livelihood training and engaging them to livelihood activities. So far, we could reach out to around 20250 persons with disability across these districts, out of which we have reached out to 6597 women with disabilities.

For increasing the understanding on gender and laws related to gender, a two-day workshop for 40 women with disability who are members of DPOs from the districts Chittaurgarh, Bikaner, Dungarpur, Udaipur and Sirohi was organized in Jaipur on 22nd & 23rd July at Leisure Inn. The training was primarily focussed on gender sensitivity, laws related to gender and empowerment of women, looking at it from the lens of disability. The resource person was Deepa Pawar (my self ) who works with the youth on gender and sexuality in the metropolitan slums of Mumbai and tribal areas of Maharashtra. Apart from being an expert on gender, leadership she also works on mental health was really fruitful expreince as trainer ..

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Jill Langhus
Jul 26
Jul 26

Bravo, dear Deepa!

Thanks for sharing your latest workshop. It sounds very successful and I love the inspiring, main photo, too! Please keep up the good work and updates:-)

Hope you're doing very well, and having a great Friday, too!

Beth Lacey
Jul 26
Jul 26

Good luck with your work

Hello, Deepa,

Wow!!! This is what impact looks like! I love that you reach out those with disabilities. Please keep up the great work! Congratulations!

Urmila Chanam
Aug 04
Aug 04

Dear Deepa,
I am thrilled to see your efforts with persons with different abilities because this community is often left behind at times of planning, program, facilities and infrastructure and awareness. I am happy to share my own experience of working with them.
Love and prayers,
Urmila Chanam,