Youth leadership residential camp with understanding of mental justice

Deepa Pawar
Posted November 21, 2019 from India

Youth Leadership with Mental Health Justice Residential Camp 2019

It was fantastic to see our youth from Kolegaon and Bamanwada coming together yet again for another leadership training based on the module created by Deepa Pawar! This year the training was focused on Mental Empowerment and Development.

Through this 2 day camp, through games and activities the youth explored their mental health by working on their personal and social development. We really appreciate the support of Mariwala Health Initiative in making this camp possible, and for creating a positive space of development for our youth.

Some Quotes from the camp: "I feel like I was separate from everyone. I started thinking and the first answer that came to me given from society is caste. Why could not we all have the same identity such as Indian. My identity till now has been given by people including friends who think I am useless. But I have to create my identity."

"First identity is given from father, even though mother keeps us in her womb for 9 months I feel her identity should be part of mine. I will have to fight for my identity because no one is going to give it to me."

(After a game) "I can’t fill or tie balloons and could understand how those people must be feeling who don’t have particular skills but thrown into the competition, they are not weak but are made to feel weak. Hence the need reservations are clear."

"When group is in majority, it is possible that they take the wrong decision based on someone’s identity."

"Savitribai worked alone but the power of her work has brought together such a massive movement so she most certainly did not remain alone. We should now work to thus organize further."

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Nov 21
Nov 21

Dear Adepa,
How are you? Hope you are doing great... It's a while and as usual a nice come back.
Youth training is one essential skill for nations development since they are the future.
I am glad you have identify this and working hard on the youth.
Keep it up!

Hello, dear Deepa,

Congratulations on the success of this camp! I hope we also have this kind of camps in the Philippines. It is really helpful for the youth to have a space to interact with each other in a healthy and safe environment where they can share their thoughts freely.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a great day!

Jill Langhus
Nov 22
Nov 22

Hi Deepa,

How are you doing, dear? What a great idea and initiative. How were the attendees selected and do you plan on having another one?

Hope you're doing well and having a great week!


Anita Shrestha
Nov 22
Nov 22

Thank you for sharing