बहुसंख्य है वो , हर तरफ है वो - She is predominant, she is omnipresent

Deepa Pawar
Posted September 22, 2020 from India

बहुसंख्य है वो , हर तरफ है वो

समाज के हर टपके में है दिखती

कभी उठाती है मैला, फोड़ती है पत्थर

तो कभी हल है वो खिंचती


She is predominant, she is omnipresent, 

Visible in every social strata, 

Picking up trash, breaking  stones;

Or tilling and ploughing the land. 



दुनिया के अर्थव्यवस्था की नींव

उसी ने ही है डाली

करके इतनी मेहनत भी रहे,

उसका ही बटवा खाली


It was she who laid

The foundation of the world’s economy, 

While she toils away incessantly

Her own wallet remains empty, 


इसके श्रम हमेशा गिने जाते

कौड़ी के दामों में,

चाहे वो काम करे घर में

या खेतों खदानों में

Her labour is always counted in dimes,

Whether she works at home

Or in fields and mines



शिक्षा हो या सेहत, अवसर हो या रोजगार

हर जगह होती है वो शोषित

हँसी आती है तब की ,” औरतो को है सामान दर्जा ”

होता है ये घोषीत!


Education or health, opportunity, or employment;

She is exploited everywhere.

It is laughable to hear the words – “women have equal status”

Being declared anywhere!


उसके साथ होनेवाली हर घटना, नाइंसाफी

देती है ये दस्तक ,

मुलभुत अधिकारों का मूल ही नहीं पहुँचा

औरत की तरफ आज तक


Every episode of injustice against her gives the fact away,

That even the roots of women's fundamental rights have not reached her till today,


उसके जीने की डोर उसीके के सामने

धीरे धीरे कांटी जाती

इतना हतबल बना दिया जाता उसे

की वो विरोध भी ना जाता पाती


The thread of her life, gradually severed right in front of her,

She is made so weak and hapless

That even her protest is not allowed to register 



उसे पछाड़ने के लिए उसपर सिर्फ

एक ही ना हमला होता

वर्ग , जात , धर्म , अर्थ हर व्यवस्था

का ढाँचा अपना रोल निभाता


Her defeat isn't brought about by any attack singular;

Class, caste, religion, economy, 

They all play their role in particular,



जितना औरत का वर्तमान

उसके इतिहास से है जुड़ा

उतना ही उसका भविष्य

उसके वर्तमान मैं है अड़ा


As deeply entrenched as is her present, in her yesterday,

Just as deeply is her 'morrow rooted in her today, 


अगर इस भविष्य को

नयी तेजी से करना हो रोशन

तो रोकना होगा हर जर्रे में

होनेवाला वर्तमान का शोषण - दिपा पवार


If a new light is to brighten up her future course, 

Then the exploitation in her present must be stopped in all its layers, with all our force.


Deepa Pawar

This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Sep 22, 2020
Sep 22, 2020

Hello, dear Deepa,

How are you doing? I am happy to know you write poetry, too! This one clearly shows gender inequality. Thank you for using a poem to raise awareness on this issue.

Sep 22, 2020
Sep 22, 2020

Hello Deepa,
Thank you so much for sharing this poem, very very powerful. The illustration is also so strong reflecting the women's condition in upaid care work and some of them are also non traditional work of women, which is very inspiring. Keep it up and please post more. Thank you for the meaningful piece. Lovely.
best, anjana

Kriti Bhardwaj(She/Her)
Sep 23, 2020
Sep 23, 2020

Hi Deepa! So lovely to see your writing here. More power to you

Sinyuy Geraldine
Sep 23, 2020
Sep 23, 2020

Hello Deepa,
Thank you for sharing this wonder poem which portrays the plight of a woman in am unjust world. Yes, many women are deprived of their rights. She toils, yet no money gets into their purses. We hope that some day work done by women will rewarded.

Metiege Noel Eve
Sep 24, 2020
Sep 24, 2020

Thanks for sharing

Nini Mappo
Sep 24, 2020
Sep 24, 2020

Hello Deepa,
I love the message of your poem, but I also love the inclusivity of it to those who don't speak English, because translating with google might lose the meaning. That is very good thinking and planning!

Queen Sheba D Cisse
Sep 26, 2020
Sep 26, 2020

Greetings Deepa,
Thank you for your heartfelt writing which millions of women can relate to including myself.
Unfortunately in this world gender inequality is very true and a global concern my organization QSV, aiding humanity addresses in our vision statement and is a major reason why millions of women are strapped below the economic development line educated or not.
Fighting to implement change is worth fighting for indeed.

Mama Queen

Sep 29, 2020
Sep 29, 2020

खुप छान दिपा खरी परिस्थिती मांडली आहे

Tamarack Verrall
Oct 04, 2020
Oct 04, 2020

Dear Deepa,
What a lovely and powerful poem, naming the ways we are held back, laying out the path for change. "Then the exploitation in her present must be stopped in all its layers, with all our force". I love your powerful ending! This is what we are here to do together.

Oct 10, 2020
Oct 10, 2020

Dear Deepa,

Yes she is all those things! And her work should be acknowledged too. Thank you so much for sharing with us the power of Women's work. This is a wonderful piece dear.

Keep writing! Your voice will "stop exploitation in her present in all its layers"

In sisterhood,