Distribution of community kitchen set to Nomadic tribe comunities

Deepa Pawar
Posted April 7, 2021 from India
Community kitchen set
Community kitchen set (1/3)

On 1st April @anubhutitrust distributed #DisasterManagement Kit including all utensils, stove to set up community kitchen - available for use to entire Vaghya Murali #NT_DNT community from Kalyan to Badlapur.

We thank Hon. MLA Ganpat Gaikwad - गणपत गायकवाड  for gracing the event, supporting the NT-DNTs. "This is the perfect Disaster Response Kit you have put together" , he said. "Only someone who understands the NT community closely could have done this. They can now be self sustaining."

This is the 3rd Kit distributed till now, together with potential reach upto 4000 families to sustain themselves during crises!

The kits are being distributed along with forming committees at each place who have the responsibility of taking care and keeping records of each kit. This is another milestone - women including young women, single women are on NT-DNT commitees for the first time in this region. 

We thank CII Foundation and #CLPIndia for supporting this project.

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Regina Afanwi Young
Apr 07
Apr 07

Hello sis Deepa, such a great initiative. You are doing a good Job dear sis, please keep up!!!
Sending you love from Cameroon

Deepa Pawar
Apr 25
Apr 25

Dear sis Regina lots of love to you too