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Understanding the Nomadic & De-notified Tribes of India

Deepa Pawar
Posted August 30, 2020 from India
Expired on August 30, 2020

Today is celebrated as the Independance Day of the nomadic & de-notified tribes of India, who form 15% of our population. However, very little is known about them in the mainstream, and what is known is discriminatory, offensive, stigmatizing.

Why are they the 'de-notified' tribes? Because they had been labelled 'criminals' as a way of suppressing their voices by the erstwhile British rulers. This criminalizing of dissenters has been used throughout history by those in power, and continues to be done today - the current realities of the nomadic communities show the terrible impact such criminalization can have on generations of a community. Today is the day this unjust label was removed legally in Independant India, but was it enough to wipe off the social ostracization? How have we been complicit? How can we today undo this wrong?

Join us today at 4pm IST on Google Meet:, for a talk by renowned Human Rights activist and Lawyer Advocate Asim Sarode. Please join in sharp at 3.45 pm, see you there! (Talk in Hindi so anyone anywhere in the world who understands Hindi please join. The Nomadic Tribes reside all over the world and their stories are all similar.)

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Join us today at 4pm IST on Google Meet:, please log in sharp at 3.45 pm!

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Jill Langhus
Aug 31, 2020
Aug 31, 2020

Hello Deepa Dear,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing this event. Hope you have a great turnout!