we need women to produce as men

Posted April 10, 2021 from Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • I just want to tell to the world that women are always discriminate when it comes the time of:
  • Taking the necessary decisions of rolling in their families or at work place
  • To get access of a certain level of education.

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Apr 11
Apr 11

Welcome to World Pulse!! Super glad to have you here. We hope the world is listening, too. I agree with you, though encouraged that things are changing, howbeit slowly. With more people like us speaking up, things would definitely change .

Do keep writing and shining. We'll love to know more about you and read more from you. Hearty congratulations on your first post, Delphinson, my new friend from DRC.

Best wishes,

Nini Mappo
Apr 11
Apr 11

Woo hoo! Another voice from the DRC is rising with strong advocacy for women's access to equal opportunity in education, leadership, decision-making, and work. Thank you for sharing, and a warm welcome to World Pulse. We look forward to getting to know you more in your future stories.

Apr 11
Apr 11

Welcome to World Pulse Delphinson. Your story is your power!

Thank you for standing for women!