Silvia Austerlic
Posted February 15, 2016 from United States

Hello everybody, I just shared this post in the Leadership Group, but I am sharing it here also, because I think it adds to the potential of the social media to impact society... innovation here in terms of helping people liberate ourselves from wrong dominant-culture views, for the sake of "advancing the evolution of the human race."


Many good insights--in particular, the first point she shares deeply speaks to me: "Suffering and oppression are not enough to create a movement. A movement begins when the oppressed begin seeing themselves not just as victims, but as new men and women, pioneers in creating new, more human relations, thus advancing the evolution of the human race."

That connects her last point:"Movement building is essentially counter-cultural. It is a struggle to transform both ourselves (the way we think and act in relationship to one another and the Earth) and institutions. ... Genuine movement building is about restorative justice, new ways of thinking and being that restore community and advance us another step in our evolution as human beings."

To me, this is what true leadership is about, starting with self-leadership, daring to break free from self-limiting beliefs and internalized self-oppression, and becoming our true self, whatever feels authentic to us. Then, reaching out from that centered place to others, so they can take that step for themselves. Like Martin Rutte's quote, "you have to do it by yourself and you can't do it alone." From that place we then connect, center-to-center. Then we begin to create critical mass, and 1 + 1 + 1 + ... become a field, a movement, a new world....

In solidarity and community, Silvia

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Feb 16, 2016
Feb 16, 2016

Great thoughts Silvia.

Only the collective can impact change but it always starts with one - from someone who accepts that when situation sucks you should not stay stuck with it but instead to act on it and not become a victim and bring others with you.

In the world we live in now the challenge is not to tackle the problem of the world alone but to work together to see how the world can move to give us a better chance to live in it the way we should.

Keep on sharing your stories, we love to read your thoughts and I hope other women will share theirs too.

Good day!