Posted March 31, 2020 from Nigeria

Nigeria is going through a total lockdown as a result of this pandemic, &the COVID 19 is making everyone in the world get connected in a way, I believe we will overcome the deases in no time distance as the medical professionals and the government are really putting in needed efforts to curtains the spread and and to eradicate it totally

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Mar 31, 2020
Mar 31, 2020

Welcome to World Pulse DestinyJay. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Covid-19 and the lockdown in your community. Be safe and stay home.

Jill Langhus
Apr 01, 2020
Apr 01, 2020

Hi Destiny Jay,

Welcome to World Pulse! I hope you and your countryfolk stay safe and well. I'm looking forward to hearing about your NGO, what work you're doing and what vision and goals you have.

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Apr 05, 2020
Apr 05, 2020

Hello, Jay,

Welcome to World Pulse! Technology connects us during this lockdown. We are glad you found World Pulse.

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