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devendra singh
Posted January 7, 2016 from India

Computer graphics technology has already offered as lots of opportunities. There is much more engaging opportunities for healthcare, manufacturers, entertainment, education and training etc. 3D interactive solutions provide a mechanism ‘Learning-by-doing’, which means people retain 90% of what they do versus 10% of what they read.

Interactive 3D virtual training and learning experience is better way to learn and remember. As we are hearing since hundreds of years, “I hear, I forget. I see, I DO. I understand, I remember”. Retention of information is important to make your workforce efficient and effective.

We expect to see greater adoption of interactive 3D in various fields i.e. education and training, healthcare, entertainment etc. although, there are many tools for visuals, training and contents available in market, and we are using them, but they also need up gradation. These tools used static contents, visuals and disconnected from real world. They don’t give better result. In this technology era, people wanted better understanding of their product in lesser time and cost also. Another option ‘live session instructor’ is also available in the market but this is costly, limited in reach and hard to schedule.

Interactive 3D provides 360 degree view of contents, visuals, structure and animations with supporting information. In near future tablets/smart phones will provide a 3D view of the world which is not available tablets/smart phones yet. Interactive 3D will add a new history in this technology era. In this era of budget cut, lower personal company record, maintained increasing efficiency, we expect to see 3D equipments simulation- used for training, used to support or improve the job performance consistently. The purpose of interactive 3D is not only maximizing investments, but offers continuity of learning and improved maintenance results, in this process data stored digitally and it’s accessible on demand.

We are also seeing trend in organization talking a virtual task training solution developed for schoolhouses and making them available for use by maintenance field. 3D technology offers significant opportunity to streamline maintenance and repair process by capturing a real time analytics of important data, which may used further. 3D technology can be applied cost-effectively, that can be implemented faster. Augmented reality is another up coming educational tool. This allows for real environment to be augmented with additional relevant content (in 3D) through the use of transparent fall tables with onboard 3D camera. The interactive holographic display system, digital controller, a motion sensor, projection subsystem (laser projector) are an example of latest interactive 3D technology. Interactive 3D is added a cutting edge in urban planning Texas is using 3D model for planning. These models provide the city the effective and interactive visual approach that results in improved research and decision making for urban planning. In this cutting edge of technology, interactive communication revolution mechanism will soon grip the industry by storm and you wouldn’t to be left behind. Interactive 3D products are the future of communication. Interactive 3D communication is effective product communication that also is more engaging, effective and efficient.


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Jan 07, 2016
Jan 07, 2016

Dear Devendra Singh, Thank you for your jounal, and I post my comment to this journal, too. Your idea, "Learning-by-doing" is impressive for me. I think "Learning-by-doing" is important for many people because "Learning-by-doing" makes our performance and work better. For example, I'm a member of a dance club in my university, and I can't memorize dance, but if I practice more and more by doing, I feel my performance better. Therefore, I cherish "Learning-by-doing."

devendra singh
Jan 13, 2016
Jan 13, 2016

Hi Hikarlie,

Thanks for your comment!!!

I am looking forward to share and learn from WORLDPULSE people.



Jan 13, 2016
Jan 13, 2016

Thank you dear Devendra Singh for your post. I am always fascinated with the different prospects and application of 3D field, and now after reading your journal about the better results of 3D training, I am amazed how technology is paving the way for a better knowledge for all of us. The interactive holographic display seems like something from science fiction. I salut your efforts and vision, and can't wait to learn more about it.