The Healer - Cybercrime Victim

Devina Ganvir
Posted November 30, 2021 from India

At the age of 26 , being pressured to meet a Guy (well settled guy- highly educated ) in an arranged setup for the perspective of marriage , the vibe and his thinking for women triggered me to say no .A clear no had end up my mental peace ,I become insomniac and restless because I found my pictures on multiple inappropriate sites fortunately it was not a morphed one the pic was a decent one. Now I am 29, finally I have accepted the fact that people with good education do not always come up with a good mentality. It is about upbringing. I have accepted  that people who know you will not think badly when they come to know your picture on different sites, I have accepted the fact that if you face such a phase you only need to help yourself by believing in yourself. Time will heal everything soon you will be healed with the cyber trauma , if  you ever feel the same please talk with your fam because they will not  judge you , talk to your closest friends because they will support you to combat the phase.

And people should accept the importance of rejection in every aspects of life , Acceptance of clear rejection from opposite sex, acceptance of rejection from interview,  .The power of Acceptance in life should be must because that makes you stronger .

I Am doing absolutely Fine now , Be strong Be fearless and be beautiful. 

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Rahul Pawar
Nov 30, 2021
Nov 30, 2021

Very well said, god bless you. You will surely get a best in your life. Always, be positive in life and do good comes back good to you. Simple mantra of life. Karma at it best.
Hope for the best for the life and be strong.

Dec 30, 2021
Dec 30, 2021

Glad that you are doing perfectly okay. Focus on your goal and the best will surely come knocking on your door.