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Posted March 31, 2021 from Sierra Leone
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International Women's day Career Fair 2021
International Women's day Career Fair 2021 (1/2)

My name is Aminata Devine Umah Kamara. I am a proud 26 year old Sierra Leonian Future Women's leader. I am a Senior Customer Care Representative at Easy Solar, where I have worked for the last 4 years, and an upcoming actress in the Entertainment industry. For the past 5 years since I started working I have focused on prominent women in our society that are leaders in the fields and communities. It has inspired me on countless occasions to never stop reaching for my dreams. I decided to empower myself while working a full time job and raising a son on my own, by investing my time, sweat, tears and resources into laying down a foundation to express my creativity, vision and passion.  This is how I came up with my current project, Devine's Talk Time. The purpose of this project is to create various platforms using performing and creative arts, television, radio and social media to reach out to all women, especially students and discuss everyday topics in depth for shared learnings and opportunities available IF we choose to take ownership of our lives and go after our ambitions.

My goal is to host my own Talk Show and run a local non-profit organisation for orphaned girls. I believe that by sharing my story to as many Women's forums as possible I will achieve this dream. I hope you like my videos and I urge youo to comment and make suggestions that will help me improve!!

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Apr 01
Apr 01

Dear Devine,
Welcome to World Pulse sister! You have landed in a place to connect and have a good time. I encourage you to let it all out girl!
I watched your videos on YouTube. I recommend that you upload the SHORTS to Instagram Reels. Because the quality is Excellent. must do a DON'T RUSH dance challenge to accompany those Shorts of yours....
Keep it going and I'm looking forward to more of your posts.
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