Dianamond Abimbola
Posted March 21, 2021 from Nigeria


From the beginning, it was there or so I thought Assumed so much that I was the messiah Was so certain I would change you And so I set sail

It kept coming back or was this a mind game Still, I told myself what if I was mum Praying never seized, advises followed suit And so I kept still

Fresh injuries met older sore Confidence and my pride suddenly went amiss Children, families, and everyone inactions held me bound and still, I wouldn't budge

Countless times I died in my mind like a living corpse I walked amongst men few sane thoughts came once a while And so I lost touch

Smiling through it all and acting like it was well fighting the need to open up to those who could help making up lies to keep up with the peers and still, I was fixed

The few good memories kept holding me bound you walked away, still, I pursued you broke what's left and showed me my compete and so an eye opened

The room was so dark and looked like death all I could feel was a sudden rush of fear your threats kept ringing in my ears even though I turned away and so I opened a second

The shades were down and were hard to see for my life I ran, for my kids, I ran life was all that matters after all and so I left

Triumph is beautiful when the pulse is slow for the love of me, for the love of mine sanity is here and so am free

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Tamarack Verrall
Mar 21
Mar 21

Dear Diana,
When you wrote in an earlier post about being a single mother of 4, I knew there was a story behind it. here in World Pulse is where we gather all that each other has experienced, and send love and joy that you have emerged free, and able to, yes, triumph. I celebrate that you have been able to hold onto your sanity as you found your way out, and that you now feel the triumph that comes with freedom.

Beth Lacey
Mar 22
Mar 22

Bless you. It took tremendous strength to do what you did.

Mauwa Brigitte
Mar 22
Mar 22

I read your story correctly, you have resumed your journey; here on earth the attachment to Christ is central in all the problems that arise. Christ is the comforter, cover and he is the way, the life and the truth. He will give you the peace that the world cannot give you.

Nini Mappo
Mar 27
Mar 27

Dear Diana,
Welcome to freedom. It is wonderful that you found the strength to break free in the end. To stand alone and still feel whole, sure, and ready to take on life. I prayed for you through these lyrics:
"I bless you with joy and peace and love that won't let go,
I bless you with strength and power and fire in your soul
I bless you with courage till the battles have been won
I bless you with faith to hear your father say 'well done'"

Keep hope fierce and faith ablaze.

Sending hugs and sparkles :)

Dear lovely
Welcome to freedom.
So glad to hear this

You are amazing

Aug 22
Aug 22

Dear Diana,
I salute you for standing up for yourself and for taking the road to freedom!
It takes a lot of courage to break away from a situation that was clearly keeping you in bondage.

I speak for myself, but I also know that the women at World Pulse are very proud of you, and I encourage you to keep us informed of your progress, and wish you all the best!